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You already know how to build a basic web application with the Ruby on Rails framework. Perhaps, you have even taken Course 1, "Ruby on Rails: An Introduction" (we highly recommend it) where you relied on external web services to be your “data layer”. But in the back of your mind, you always knew that there would come a time when you would need to roll up your sleeves and learn SQL to be able to interact with your own relational database (RDBMS). But there is an easier way to get started with SQL using the Active Record Object/Relational (ORM) framework. In this course, we will be able to use the Ruby language and the Active Record ORM framework to automate interactions with the database to quickly build the application we want. In Rails with Active Record and Action Pack, we will explore how to interact with relational databases by using Active Record, a Ruby gem, which Rails uses by default for database access. We will then take a look at what role Active Record plays in the overall request-response cycle, when a client (the browser) requests data from the server, as well as how to submit the data to the server. Of course, when accessing data, security is of paramount importance! We will talk about vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, as well as how to secure access to data by authenticating and authorizing users accessing the data. Take this course to build a Ruby on Rails application with Active Record to automate the detailed SQL interactions with our database....

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Aug 11, 2016

A nice continuation to course 1 of this specialization, deeper dive into RoR, among other things you will learn how to manipulate/display database data and how to authenticate/authorize users!


Dec 17, 2015

Great explanation of not so easy to understand concepts. Lecturer provides good example that can help material better and see how what you've learned can be applied to real world scenarios.

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автор: 維宸 吳

Apr 08, 2016

Smooth pace and each assignment related to further one is very helpful for understanding course material.

while I think partial or helper should provide 2 or 3 extra example code in extra reading material to know when to use partial, when to use helper.

автор: Qun X L

Mar 06, 2017

Learn a lot of new knowledge from this course. knowledge points clear, assignment workload OK. This is the good place to learn Active Record and Action Pack.

автор: Vinay J

Mar 23, 2017

Seems tough...though interesting !!

автор: Ciré D

Jan 25, 2017

Very nice one. may be not the one for a beginner but help to gain some basics

автор: Tichaona B N

Sep 02, 2016

Great course. It open ed up my eyes to how simple it can be to generate a workable MVC web application without having to dive too deep into the working of the application,

автор: Derek H

Feb 23, 2018

This course is much better than the previous course "Ruby on Rails: An Introduction". If you struggled through the first class, this one is much more user friendly and easy to go along with.This is definitely a Rails course, with the first course being a Ruby course.

The professor's audio issues are much less pronounced in this course and less noticeable. The lectures are not as monotone and boring to listen to as well.

The modules are broken down into better sections that flow together. The materials, though older, can still be followed and course materials can be used. There has been at least some updates for newer versions of Ruby, Rails, and gems.

The assignments go with the course lectures and many of the examples can point you in the right direction. The assignments are not direct copies of the lectures with many items needing to be modified to accommodate for the assignment requirements. Each module is a take/variation of the previous assignment, which is nice because you get a better sense of how they are working together. The RSPEC files are much better at actually pointing you towards what your issues are. The Wiki site has more beneficial Q/A.

With the assignment time estimates, I found that I usually had to double the higher estimates for the amount that I would spend on each one.

One of the problems with this course is that the assignment files seem to be written by multiple people. They can be very confusing at times, hard to follow. Because the assignments are written in this way, some things will break but are fixed in later steps, though you will not know that they are fixed later after you spend time trying to fix the issues so RSPEC or the Web test will pass.

Another problem with the course has to do with Rails in general. It has some weird conventions and tries to be "Too helpful" at times. You will still have to use Google to figure out what the correct convention is and maybe why some things are done.

автор: Ania M

Nov 14, 2017

The course is very good. The only feedback I have is that it seems as though a lot of Windows users have to struggle with setting up the assignment environments and have to seek guidance from outside sources (e.g. Stack Overflow) for get the issues resolved.

автор: Assain

Aug 24, 2019

It's a nice course, learnt stuff about rails that I didn't earlier.

автор: Ted H

Oct 30, 2019

I really enjoyed this course! The lecturer was excellent and covered everything thoroughly. The main problem was ensuring an older version of Ruby on Rails was installed (especially for Windows). Make sure you spend a lot of time at the beginning installing Rails 4.2.8 - otherwise you'll always have trouble getting the automated grader to accept your assignments. For the same reason you will have to constantly adjust the Gem versions in your Gemfile.

автор: Xuliang S

Jul 24, 2018

Course staff does not respond to questions that I posted on the forum.

автор: Matías M

Jan 17, 2016

Good homework and good examples.

автор: Christiane H

Jul 26, 2016

Great course although I did struggle through the very last assignment. The first three were relatively ok, considering I'm new at this but they did take me longer than 3 hours to complete. The last one took about 3 days!

That being said, if the rspec tests weren't being run in dev mode, it might have been quicker. I had to move "ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'test'" from rails_helper.rb to spec_helper.rb to get stuff working.

Without my ruby on rails hubby, I'd have been lost!

автор: Joseph C

Dec 27, 2016

The assignments took me much longer than the suggested 3 hours. Every task depends on having completed the previous task perfectly. My assignment in week 4 passed the end to end test perfectly on my local computer but failed the grader. I traced the problem back to a tiny typo that I made in week 2 assignment. (My heart sank when I saw I had to reuse my week 2 work in week 4 as I knew how much messing around I had done to get that one through the grader - I knew it would give problems)

As there were a couple of mistakes in the course (for example if you follow the steps in assignment 3 correctly then the final rspec would give failures - obviously this wasn't picked up by lecturers) it creates confusion and doubt as to whether you have made the mistake or the tutors.

The course content is good but the assignments need to be shorter and more forgiving of mistakes (i.e make the individual tasks independent of one another and pass if you get 80%). I am not sure if I will continue with the specialisation right now. It seems more suited to someone who is studying full time and not someone who is working who has limited spare time.

автор: Takayuki K

Sep 03, 2018

This course was tough.

The content of lectures are great but autograder of assignments is too bad. It was very stressful for me to use autograder till I can get used to it.

автор: Vitalij

Jul 16, 2017

It was difficult to follow, because of all the screenshots without live programming. I think it would be more easier to understand if the course wouldn't consist only of pics.

автор: Dmitri B

Jun 30, 2019

Really needs updating.

автор: Jigesh S

Jan 25, 2017

Could have been much better ....should have been a proper video tutorial

автор: Giannis F

Apr 02, 2016

bad instructor

автор: Dan P

Mar 30, 2017

Totally unimpressed. Video lectures are terrible. Explanations are at best incomplete, usually confusing, sometimes incoherent. Instructor never gives an overview of the architecture/data flow/structure of Active Record or Action Pack, instead describes the syntax of a handful of functions. As a result you only get the most superficial understanding of the material. The graded assignments are just a regurgitation of the lectures and so don't require you to take a deeper dive into the material. In fact, in many cases the answers to the graded assignments are listed in the assignment immediately following the question.

автор: bhupesh

Dec 11, 2016

Content of the course is great! But if you get stuck in a problem no one responds or guides you. For practice purpose just take the free version, paid version is not worth taking, as you will not get any additional guidance or support to do assignments when stuck.

автор: Eimantas U

Jun 16, 2017

Course needs updating

автор: James H

Oct 10, 2019

Poor maintenance of assignments make them a chore to set up.