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О курсе

This mini-course is intended to for you to demonstrate foundational Python skills for working with data. The completion of this course involves working on a hands-on project where you will develop a simple dashboard using Python. This course is part of the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and the IBM Data Analytics Professional Certificate. PRE-REQUISITE: **Python for Data Science, AI and Development** course from IBM is a pre-requisite for this project course. Please ensure that before taking this course you have either completed the Python for Data Science, AI and Development course from IBM or have equivalent proficiency in working with Python and data. NOTE: This course is not intended to teach you Python and does not have too much instructional content. It is intended for you to apply prior Python knowledge....

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17 авг. 2021 г.

It was an awesome and very hard experience. I struggled a lot with the final assignments, which led to me learning a lot of new things and learning them good. I am giving this project/course 10/10.

5 окт. 2021 г.

Best course so far, under the IBM Data Science professional certificate program. It is heavy on the practical side, which is a good thing as it gives the person a more hands-on experience.

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автор: Enrique E D l H L

14 окт. 2021 г.

Muy bueno

автор: Donatus N T A

23 июня 2021 г.


автор: Pankaj -

26 июня 2021 г.


автор: Abdul R

3 сент. 2021 г.


автор: Agus T W

1 июля 2021 г.


автор: Shreehari M

9 сент. 2021 г.


автор: PAILA P R

16 мая 2021 г.


автор: Fajri N

6 янв. 2022 г.

автор: Vu C T

1 сент. 2021 г.

автор: Isaiah K

5 мар. 2021 г.

There are parts of the final assignment that were frustrating because they required skills that were not thoroughly covered in the course material, so I ended up having to turn to other resources and look through documentation for pandas and beautifulsoup to find what I needed. This extra challenge made it more rewarding when I finally did figure out how to complete the tasks, though, and the process felt more analogous to how a data scientist would operate. Overall, I would recommend this class since it does provide helpful skills.

автор: Juha P

7 янв. 2022 г.

The course gives a nice overview of Python, Pandas and Numpy libraries. It does not give a complete overview on what the libraries contain or are designed for, but it introduces selected examples and programming tasks that utilize the library functions. Programming tasks are done on Jupyter Notebooks, partially in IBM Cloud. There are some broken links in the course material, but it works.

автор: CHRIS M

7 янв. 2022 г.

It was an interesting project that helped familiarize you with some interesting tools and show the types of things possible, but I thought maybe there was a tad too much hand-holding. That being said, I peer-reviewed somebody who missed every question because they just didn't seem to really understand what was going on and tried to mindlessly follow the hand-holding.

автор: Ian K

24 июня 2021 г.

The explanations were thorough, and it was fun to learn web scraping. However, Watson Studio was difficult to deal with. I was unable to open up my "final assignment" notebook after I exited out. The "Assets" tab did not seem to work for the Db2 Lite Plan. I had to redo parts of the final notebook and complete it in one sitting.

автор: Sh T

2 мая 2021 г.

It's a great course, but it's too complicated and is lacking a lot of information despite being asked in the final quiz. I had to spend many hours on the quiz and guessing different ways to solve the problems. It's unfair to ask things in the quiz which are not referred to in the course as many of us are beginners.

автор: GK M

6 июня 2021 г.

Python project is a good for getting a good understanding of web scrapping, getting hands'on on all concepts of data management using Python. It needs critical thinking to provide best and efficient solution to a problem as Python offers multiple way to solve same problem with different level of complexity

автор: Xavier B

17 февр. 2021 г.

More difficult than other courses in the cursus, but more realistic too, need to search on google, stackoverflow and so on. Final assignment lets us try many ideas. Remember course 1, we need to be curious. Four stars because I had some bugs while taking first quiz.

автор: Diego A M

30 июня 2021 г.

A nice project to put into practice a few of the things covered in the previous courses. Still I would recommend stressing the importance of python knowledge for this one though.

автор: Paul A

14 сент. 2021 г.

A cool introductory project that's a great way to learn how to apply some Python basics. The project has a little too much hand-holding, in my opinion, but is still very good.

автор: Eric Y

10 мар. 2021 г.

It was cool to work on an interesting project and familiarize myself with web scraping. The labs and final were challenging, but that made it rewarding when it worked out.

автор: Azrai M

4 нояб. 2021 г.

It is the best course for now among the course 1,2,3,4,5(that I have taken). However, I am expecting much harder and difficult projects :)

автор: Eddie C L

17 февр. 2021 г.

The project needs some Python coding concept which is not covered in previous section, may be hard for first time programmer.

автор: Fredrik S

15 мар. 2021 г.

Loved the course. Super hard for me and I liked it. It was a good challenge with real world examples. Learned a lot.

автор: David A M D

16 сент. 2021 г.

The Hands-on labs weren't working correctly, and you have little time to complete everything.

автор: Samarth M

1 авг. 2021 г.

Basic and most important concepts are taught and assignment was also worth it ! Kudos Team!

автор: Gautham S N

23 июня 2021 г.

I​f there was more guidance for the solutions it would have been amore constructive lesson.