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The Capstone Project is your opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge you have gained through our journey in learning about photography, to develop a meaningful project of 10 well formed photographs based in your passion for artistic expression, or a subject for documentary exploration, insightful portraiture, imaging for work-related subjects, or some other aspect of photography. We are confident that it will be a project that you will be excited to share with fellow Learners, and with Professors Peter Glendinning and Mark Sullivan too! A unique feature of this Course is the individual review and responsive input you will receive directly from Peter or Mark, who will be viewing your pictures and making evaluations of all projects at the end of the Capstone. You should plan on spending more time on this Course per week than any other in this Specialization, and much of it will be in making photographs. During the entire period of development, you and your fellow learners will be supporting each other as you work independently, by sharing your work-in-progress from the initial Project Plan to the final Portfolio. At each stage, all Learners will share comments and suggestions with each other, helping each other to gauge progress and to learn about different approaches to photography and content. By expressing your own ideas and expectations about quality in response to the work of others, you will be forming your own criteria of excellence as well. Along the way there will be multiple opportunities for sharing pictures and ideas through carefully designed Peer Review. This sharing of photographs and comments with peers, and reflecting on their comments about your photos, will be an exciting learning experience that will help you grow in understanding your own photography and that of others. Your contribution of comments to fellow Learners will not only help them understand their photographs better, but it will give you an opportunity to use the vocabulary of terms that are related to techniques, design principles, and content approaches that you have learned through your success in each of the previous Modules. A unique aspect of this Specialization is that everyone who completes the requirements will receive, in addition to their Certificate of Specialization from Michigan State University, access to substantial discounts on equipment, accessories, and membership benefits through Industry Partners from among the premier manufacturers of photography equipment and related items: Fracture, Gary Fong, Gyst, Lensbaby, LensPen, Lume Cube Lighting, Photo District News, PhotoVideoEdu, Think Tank Cases/Bags. In addition, The 'top-10' peer-reviewed Capstone projects each year will be awarded the opportunity for individual reviews, with personal responses, by world renowned photographers who have been honored with the title of Canson-Infinity® Paper Ambassadors....

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Oct 08, 2020

It's hard to believe how far I've come as a photographer in such a short time. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to DSLR photography! Thanks for an incredible educational opportunity.


Dec 02, 2017

Great course structure. Great Professors and Mentors. This course has really help me grow a lot as a photographer. I'm so thankful to Coursera & MSU for putting such a great course for learners.

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автор: SURAJIT D

Jun 20, 2019



Sep 02, 2020


автор: Deepsikha M

Aug 30, 2020


автор: Patan N

Apr 22, 2020


автор: Kaniksha.c

Sep 10, 2020


автор: Christophe D

Aug 09, 2020

Interesting course. I like the fact that you learn how to project yourself and implement a vision of your own art. This is a great and amazing beginning for creativity.

If i had a bad point, just be careful, with all those pseudo people, making a rush of the course, by not participating fully in the course. You can learn a lot with feedback from proper peers, but some are there, with stolen shots, and old pictures, begging for review all the time. Flag those people so that they stop trolling on the course, and take your time to learn about you.

Thanks to Peter and Mark. I wish they would appear more on the course.

Thank you to all the peers.

автор: Elizabeth P

Jun 16, 2020

I liked the instructors. It is a course that takes a lot of work and you can get out of the course what you want to get out of the course. Doing photography kept my sanity during Covid-19. The bad part is that other students don't take the capstone seriously.

автор: Greg C

May 04, 2020

I'd give it 5 stars, but the middle section on lightroom needs a big refresh. the rest of the lectures, assignments, peer grading and comments were best in Coursera so far!

автор: Supantha R

Aug 19, 2020

It was quite good.

автор: Mashuk-E-Elahi (

Jun 04, 2020


автор: Luis A S R

Jul 05, 2020



Aug 24, 2020


автор: Neil A K

Oct 16, 2020

The course content was excellent. The instructors were also excellent. They are clearly highly professional and they promoted sharing and fairness and the highest ethical behaviour by and for all. It was truly an honour to be instructed by them. I know that Michigan State University also promotes the highest ethical standards.

However, that was not what actually happened.The course was based on the concept of peer review intended for students to share ideas, openly critique each others work and thereby learn from each other. This apparently was necessary because the on-line format encourages thousands of students to enrol to generate income for the University and Coursera. Therefore, it becomes impossible for the university to evaluate the progress of their students and it is left to students to review their peers.

The peer review process does not work however when students do not share the ethical behaviour of their instructors or the educational institutions that employ them. In my case, peer reviews consisted of singular grunts (good, nice, has, cesxa, etc.) even on my final Capstone project. When I had opportunity to review 9 students, every one of their assignments were the same, word for word. None of them submitted photographs which were required and therefore I lost the opportunity to review their work.

I hope MSU and Coursera find a way to correct this type of behaviour in the future, but if not, I would recommend serious students to seek their educations elsewhere and leave this course to the lazy, unethical peers that I experienced consistently throughout this specialization.

автор: Scott F

Oct 04, 2020

The Capstone Project is a good way to put everything together that you learned in the previous courses of the photography specialization, but I got very little feedback. The requirement to put together a photographer's statement and plan a full project was a good challenge. It made me think and plan. I also learned from looking at the projects others submitted.

That said, I would have learned much more with more feedback. Very often the peer-review feedback I received was a single character or a single word. Not terribly helpful. I also often did not receive as many responses as I should have - based on how many I was required to submit.

The biggest disappointment was no feedback from the professors. The course says they look at all of the final submission and provide feedback. It would have been helpful to receive it, but I did not hear from either of them.

автор: Cristopher T

Jun 22, 2020

While Peter is an amazing professor and has great explanation, the other professor has a huge lack of enthusiasm and his monotonous voice made consider several times dropping out of the course. Recommended to give you an overall idea of photography but the assessment of the classmates were mostly disappointing.

автор: Pranay L

Oct 20, 2020

no one to supervise what students are doing so everyone is copying the content of others.

автор: Andrej R

Oct 11, 2020


Then 1 year ago I've noticed this course presence in Coursera I was really enjoyed it exists and according explanation it provides lot o valuable and interesting work. Several months ago, then our government officially made a gift for young peoples in form of Coursera tests i was really inspired to finally attempt one. Unfortunately, just after start I've realized how rotten it is. 9 out 10 submissions are wrong, plagiarized. Nothing about this course is true is value and recognition after completing it feels total zero. I respect work you and MSU put in, content, videos and all learning theory is great. Unfortunately all peer review idea is not working in our world, 6-7 submissions filled with same text in a row, photos, project. If I would pay for this course my money, i would definitely be very angry and unhappy about how things working here. Such courses instead of proud and recognition brings only hate and disappointment.

Thanks MSU for content, both professors did great job and preparation and delivery. I learned something new.

Coursera part of business to make it FAIR and its total garbage in output.



автор: Ronnie L

Oct 28, 2020

Not really worth taking this class. The video production quality has horrible sound issues and there are a lot of bots that make the exercises a pain. I went through the entire specialization, finished the Capstone, and these issues only get worse the further you go. I'm sure there are other photography classes through Coursera that offer the same information in a much more organized way. I Gave the other classes in this specialization 2 stars but I'm giving the Capstone 1 because there were so many bot accounts, it slowed everything way down. Also the peer review/forum exercises were very unorganized compared to other Coursera classes I've taken.