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О курсе

Have you ever wondered how products and services are created exactly the same thousands of times over? And how companies are able to smooth out operations to manufacture efficiently, effectively, and without any waste? How is such precision possible? The answer lies at the heart of operations. In the Supply Chain Operations course, we introduce and apply essential process improvement tools to achieve perfection. After completing this course, you will be able to apply the Six Sigma methodology for process improvement. You will demonstrate that you understand the basic tenets of the Lean philosophy that enables manufacturers to eliminate waste and make processes more efficient. Finally, you will be able to apply the tools that you just gained to improve a process of your own. This is an introductory course designed to provide you with a start on your learning journey in operations. You do not need to have any background in operations, but it would be beneficial if you had a basic understanding of business concepts, a working knowledge of spreadsheets, and ideally have mastered the Supply Chain Logistics course. Join me and we will learn together about operations!...

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24 июля 2018 г.

I have learned how supply chain operations work in companies. very well understood about. and detail explanation by Professer. I definitely recommand this course for begineers in this field of work.

18 янв. 2021 г.

Deeper understandings on using Six Sigma and Lean Thinking although there are many tools to be used but understanding of using it makes the different and this course is guiding it very thororugly.

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автор: rahul s

16 июля 2017 г.

very good one

автор: BlackSmith H

6 окт. 2021 г.

Good course


10 сент. 2021 г.


автор: Rakin R R

30 мая 2020 г.

not so easy

автор: suroso

10 сент. 2019 г.

good course

автор: 378_Disha G

14 нояб. 2021 г.

Very good.

автор: andy t

12 дек. 2016 г.


автор: Mohsen A

28 апр. 2020 г.

very Good

автор: Sara M A

25 нояб. 2021 г.


автор: ARNAB S

17 сент. 2021 г.


автор: GUNJAN B

21 авг. 2021 г.


автор: SAGAR D

22 апр. 2020 г.


автор: Raghad A A

7 дек. 2021 г.



14 нояб. 2020 г.


автор: Hasan A S A R

24 мая 2017 г.


автор: Imran R

30 апр. 2017 г.


автор: Jeanine S

21 мар. 2018 г.

I really liked the first course in this concentration, and this was the next so I thought it would pretty much be similar in quality. I found this course to be a bit of a struggle to get through for 2 main reasons:

1- Testing for numerical values in this format is difficult. You could have the right answer, but if you don't use the same rounding mechanism or go one numeral beyond what they are asking for, it's wrong.

2- There was not a lot of instruction on the DMAIC process. I really had to get into the supplemental reading to feel that I could complete the assignment; the instruction alone was simply not enough.

автор: Dragan B

23 окт. 2020 г.

Peer reviews are an issue, some people don´t do the assignments at all / some people just ask for reviews in the panel and get or give good reviews.... the course itself was very interesting and it helped my understanding on how to use six sigma better but there was the issue with the quiz in week2 where basically everybody had trouble because it was sometimes very unclear what to put in and how to round up/down

автор: AJ M

19 авг. 2020 г.

This was better than the last course and actually gave me something to walk away with - the formulas for service levels, safety stocks and EOQ. However, it would have been nice to see how to do these without using excel. For example, when calculating the service level formula, all he did was use the =normsinv formula, and in NO way actually described what it does or how to calculate it without using excel.

автор: Ama Z

12 мар. 2021 г.

The teaching is sometimes not clear, and the quizzes / assignments are not worded very well. Sometimes the questions themselves make no sense.

Also, on some of the quizzes, it is free entry text and the expectation is to match some text answer exactly. This is unreasonable.

I learned a few interesting things, so I'll give it 3 stars, but honestly the quality of teaching is below that.

автор: Evan C

21 мар. 2019 г.

This was a good high level overview, but not nearly the detail I need to get what I want out of some of this. The Six Sigma videos did not help (4 minutes of the professor working on an excel chart). I will need to seek out ASQ training to get what I really need.

автор: Dhaval D

29 авг. 2020 г.

Well detailed course on Supply Chain Operations. The forecasting section was interesting. The assignment, however, needed improvement as the rounding guidelines are not clear and responses focus on exact response vs. checking actual learning

автор: Avishek

9 апр. 2021 г.

There should be option to attach document during the assignment. The assignment text area loses formatting. Please make a better user interface for the graded assignment.

Content wise it is very good.

автор: Eduardo Y

1 июля 2019 г.

It feels that it is more an overview than trying to teach you something, it is such a important subject but very little information to understand it and keep you interested in the subject

автор: Pablo T M

19 июня 2020 г.

This course is too shallow, and doesn't mention basic Six Sigma statistical control tools... It is good to get an overview of what it is but not deep at all.