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Network Protocols and Architecture, Cisco

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Welcome to the second of five courses in the Cisco Networking Basics Specialization. Have ever wondered how devices on computer networks truly communicate? There are specific protocols or rules and standards that every device must follow to access the Internet and to communicate over a network. In this course, you will examine the principles of network communication, how networks are designed and what specifically is being sent and received by different devices when we send pictures, text messages, video or any other data across the network. What exactly is sent and how is it sent are the questions that will be answered in this course. At the end of this course, you will be able to: 1. Explain how protocols and standards benefit a global internetwork. 2. Describe how the Ethernet Protocol transmits data within a LAN. 3. Explain IPv4 addressing and the role subnet masks. 4. Use Cisco Packet Tracer to connect hosts to a wireless router in a LAN. 5. Use a protocol analyzer or "packet sniffer" to open and examine a data packet that has been transmitted across a network. 6. Examine a Windows computer to locate the physical or MAC address used send and receive data....

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автор: TA

Jan 06, 2019

A really useful course for beginners. Great content and practice materials. This course would probably enable you to install or troubleshoot your own home network, either wired or wireless!!

автор: IK

Jun 09, 2018

The course was really good the materials that were provided were sufficient enough and the assisgnments were realy good , one can easily learn by doing them and from knowing ones mistake

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Рецензии: 82

автор: Oluwatosin Samuel Ayodele

Feb 11, 2019

Great works and opportunities to have this.

God bless Coursera.

автор: Ranpreet Singh

Feb 10, 2019

best course for beginners

автор: Ahmet Ahmetoglu

Feb 05, 2019

I wish you guys have someone that even we could communicate with email I mean like instructor.

автор: Chanmyae Thu

Jan 29, 2019

perfect course


Jan 24, 2019

Easy to learn

автор: Mohamed Shokry

Jan 15, 2019

very nice course

автор: Yap Sheng Zhi

Jan 14, 2019

Interesting course

автор: 규승 황

Jan 14, 2019

I love this network course series. It's really helpful and easy to follow.

автор: Adelin Yurenny Jimenez Mora

Jan 11, 2019

Excellent course! Very Helpful.

автор: Mayank Srivastava

Jan 11, 2019

Great overview of how the layered structure is implemented and how the IP network works