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When do governments deserve our allegiance, and when should they be denied it? This course explores the main answers that have been given to this question in the modern West. We start with a survey of the major political theories of the Enlightenment: Utilitarianism, Marxism, and the social contract tradition. In each case, we begin with a look at classical formulations, locating them in historical context, but then shift to the contemporary debates as they relate to politics today. Next, we turn to the rejection of Enlightenment political thinking, again exploring both classical and contemporary formulations. The last part of the course deals with the nature of, and justifications for, democratic politics, and their relations to Enlightenment and Anti-Enlightenment political thinking. In addition to exploring theoretical differences among the various authors discussed, considerable attention is devoted to the practical implications of their competing arguments. To this end, we discuss a variety of concrete problems, including debates about economic inequality, affirmative action and the distribution of health care, the limits of state power in the regulation of speech and religion, and difficulties raised by the emerging threat of global environmental decay....

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1 июля 2020 г.

The lectures are easy to understand, the reading materials informative. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and any beginner will be able to grasp the technicalities of Moral Politics after this Course.


16 сент. 2015 г.

excellant work dont by Dr Ian Shapiro and staff on putting such a mind turning,thought provoking MOOC on a complex and ever controversial subject known as POLITICS!..I hope to see more from them soon

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автор: Marj S S

19 дек. 2020 г.

This is a very beneficial course for any one who would want to understand political dynamics in any society. Philosophers and thinkers who have greatly influenced how present day governments are functioning were substantially discussed. This will help in understanding political and government dynamics in present day situations, especially how democracy truly works.

автор: David A

26 апр. 2020 г.

As a complete novice in the field of Political Science, I found the course gratifying and enlightening (no pun intended). Professor Shapiro was a steady rock in illuminating the nuances of political thought through the centuries studied. I hope he continues to make a great contribution to the layman's knowledge of the underpinnings of our democracy/republic

автор: Luis F H L

7 июня 2020 г.

Un curso excelente. El profesor, Ian Shapiro, explica con asombrosa claridad y ecuanimidad las diferentes escuelas de pensamiento político. Es muy sencillo seguir el hilo gracias a sus clases, y la bibliografía recomendada me parece impecable. Muy recomendado para cualquiera con cierto interés en la política, la filosofía o las humanidades en general.

автор: William M

8 нояб. 2017 г.

This is an excellent course -- one of my favorites on Coursera. I learned much about the great political philosophers (Hobbes, Locke, Bentham, Mill, Marx, Rawls, Nozick, etc.) and Enlightenment theories (social contract theory, utilitarianism, Marxism). However, I would have preferred that the course be split in two parts, because it is a bit long.

автор: Nikita K

16 авг. 2020 г.

Incredibly interesting and captivating course. It made me want to continue studying politics and philosophy. Professor Ian Shapiro produces wonderfully explained videos with a good dialogue between the students and himself. I started this course not knowing much about the topics covered but I thoroughly enjoyed the course from start until finish!

автор: Steve R

5 мар. 2016 г.

Professor Shapiro does a great job of introducing and explaining these complex and introspective political theories. The format of using dialog with two students is novel and very effective. The office hours are well organized and well managed by a charming and knowledgeable assistant. Thank you for creating and offering this course via Coursera.

автор: Philips A

30 дек. 2020 г.

Grandioso y gratificante aprender este cuero en esta plataforma tan novedosa y llena de recursos para los estudiantes. les mando un abrazo y felicidades. El Mundo esta en tu mente hay que renovarla todos los días hasta que lo bueno sea mejor y lo mejor sea grandioso. Gracias tmbn al Gobierno de Colombia por la Oportunidad! Bendiciones y éxitos.

автор: Caroline Y

11 мая 2020 г.

Really helpful introduction to Political Philosophy and covers a lot of ground. Professor Shapiro is also very good at specifying when he is giving his own interpretation of a theory as opposed to saying that is what it is - I think this is important in the study of philosophy. Very engaging lessons clearly structured. Really enjoyed the course

автор: Terry B

23 мар. 2017 г.

A fantastic course. Truly interesting and disseminated in such a novel and productive way. I've never actually ever studied political theory before and thus was a complete novice, but the course took you through everything with simple, but deep, lessons in a conversational style that made it less like lectures and more like a chat with friends.

автор: ERNESTO R

3 июля 2020 г.

Estoy muy conforme con el curso del Profesor Shapiro pues aporta a una mayor y mejor comprensión de la política a la luz de las ideas de pensadores notables, incluido el mismo, y de excelentes ejemplos. El curso es accesible y Shapiro, además de un eminente politólogo, es un gran guía educativo, gracias sus conocimientos y a sus perspectivas.

автор: Joanna G

13 дек. 2020 г.

The best course I could have ever taken! I loved the pace, the reminders, patience it took for me to completed! I had a bad couple of months and this course helped me by distracting my mind. I love the interaction between Professor Shapiro and the students. I cannot believe that I took a Yale course, I am so proud and cannot wait to continue!

автор: Tanner H

14 мая 2020 г.

I loved the course. Professor Shapiro was great. The readings were quite challenging, which is what I wanted. I especially liked the dialogue nature of the course with the two students. As Professor Shapiro said in one of the "Office Hour" sessions, it makes the content come across much more naturally than just simply lecturing into a camera.

автор: Camilo A G M

9 июня 2020 г.

I loved it, and I have the feeling that I learned a lot. I think though that if you are a person who does not enjoy talking about theories and several different authors it might not be for you. Otherwise, I think it would be a really great journey. The topics about The Social Contract, Marxism and Democracy were the ones I enjoyed te most.

автор: Marcelo K T

19 февр. 2021 г.

As explicações e a didática do professor Shapiro são sensacionais, permitir o acesso ao conhecimento através dessa plataforma é digno de um prêmio nobel, o mundo precisa disso, os países em desenvolvimento necessitam desse apoio, criar a cultura do conhecimento e do questionamento fará com que tenhamos uma sociedade mais justa e evoluída.

автор: Huang E

26 сент. 2020 г.

It is a very nice course. I am interested in politics and I like the course very much.

Although I don't agree with Professor on some topics discussed in the course, I am really thankful to him to give me such an opportunity to broaden my eyesight and bring me a lot of deep thoughts.

Really nice course, really worth the time I spend on it.

автор: Pamela C

18 июня 2017 г.

Very informative course and history. I did learn much about the moral foundations of politics and have more understanding about how these foundations came to be. I did like the interaction between the Sharpiro and the students and the questions and answers they asked and interaction, helped me to understand areas I didn't relate too.

автор: Louis S

10 июля 2019 г.

I found this course very interesting and I thought that Dr Shapiro's lectures were very engaging. I feel that my understanding of politics past and present has been deepened. My only criticism might be that the course content goes so deep into different names and details that I would sometimes forget my place in the overall course.

автор: Medha S

10 авг. 2018 г.

Dr. Shapiro offers a bright clarity and a sobering view of the world, and its conundrums. I'm well into Week 2 so far, but going through the readings, the arrangement and structure of texts, the promise of enlarging our philosophical knowledge, has brought an intensity and energy into this course, and is thrilling to say the least.

автор: Sachin K

5 окт. 2018 г.

Good for people who want to under stand about various theory around human rights since the time we were born. Are we really independent? The only independence with us is our life. We cannot control our birth but death is always in our hand. Explore many theories about human independence, french revolution, marxism, democracy, etc.

автор: Quanchai K

25 мая 2021 г.

It is a very good political philosophy course I have never attended before. The lecture is very much engaging and lively. The course contents are rigorous and comprehensive. It is very appropriate for those who are new to political philosophy or political theory, and even for those who have previously studied this subject area.

автор: Hana S

17 окт. 2017 г.

A fantastic, thorough and meticulously organised course. Shapiro perfectly covers numerous topics, explains them in sufficient detail and arranges them in a logical order. His dialogues with students are helpful in clarifying potential misunderstandings and incorrect interpretations. The graded exams are extremely easy, though.

автор: Sujay B

23 февр. 2021 г.

The course had a deep insight into various political theories from a practical point of view. The relevance that they have in the present times and how eventually some of them are destined to fail while some with necessary adjustments can make nations prosperous. A perfect blend of Polity, Economics, Law and Social Sciences.

автор: Yuraima R R

7 июня 2020 г.


автор: Evgeny K

5 февр. 2017 г.

a loooot of readings. it's a very reep class, if you have time and desire to read all stuff. Prof. Shapiro is extremely knowledgeable, however, sometimes he is too polite (and boring as well) =). Don't try to watch it at night. Last several weeks require a lot of focused attention. Finally, my grade is 8.5 out of 10.