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О курсе

The course The Mediterranean, a Space of Exchange (from Renaissance to Enlightenment) aims to explain the Mediterranean, using history and the analysis of the past, as a space generated by routes and circulation. We consider it crucial to disclose mobility as a historical factor: a mobility comprised of four major elements, namely people, objects, ideas and practices. In our analysis of Mediterranean reality between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, we will pay particular attention to its western shores, an area seething with transfers and exchanges, in the social and economic spheres as well as the political and cultural, with the Iberian Peninsula, the various islands and the Italian Peninsula, all spaces of great dynamism. El curso El Mediterráneo, espacio de intercambios (del Renacimiento a la Ilustración) quiere explicar, desde la historia y el análisis del pasado, el Mediterráneo como un espacio generado por las rutas y las circulaciones. Consideramos necesario divulgar la movilidad como factor histórico. Una movilidad centrada en cuatro grandes ámbitos: las personas, los objetos, las ideas y las prácticas. Al analizar la realidad mediterránea entre los siglos XV y XIX, del Renacimiento a la Ilustración, ponemos un foco especial en su orilla occidental, un área abocada a la transferencia y el intercambio, tanto en el ámbito social y económico como en el político y cultural, con la Península Ibérica, las islas y la Península Itálica como espacios de gran dinamismo....

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Mar 19, 2020

Fue esta mi primera experiencia on line. Y con un tema en el cual me sentí atrapada desde el comienzo. Me gustaría hubiera más de este tipo, y en español . Los felicito.


Apr 14, 2016

Es fenomenal, abarca el Mediterráneo desde todos los puntos de vista y esto hace que uno tenga más y más ganas de aprender acerca de este gran mar.

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автор: Vincent G

Mar 03, 2019

Los subtítulos en inglés deberián ser opcionales.

автор: JEAN C L D M

Mar 22, 2018

Wonderful course! I loved every part, it gave me a huge comprehension about this history chapter that is enormously important for us. This course was a gift for me, and I am very glad with the professors, Coursera and the University for the opportunity.

автор: Lorenzo A

Feb 26, 2017

If you are in love with history, western civilizations, the Middle East and everything related to the Roman Mare Nostrum, you will not regret taking this MOOC. Those professors, lecturers and scholars in charge of the course will not let you down.

автор: Nigel K

Dec 02, 2018

Very informative and helpful for my genealogical research, as well as for sparking much curiosity. I feel I'm picking up a little Spanish too!

автор: José E S C

Jun 07, 2020

Muy buen curso, en contenido, en metodología. Buenas las opiniones del grupo. Muchas felicitaciones y agradecimientos.

автор: Carmen

Apr 18, 2016

A very interesting and accessible course with plenty of reading suggestions for those of us who want to continue learn

автор: Martha P T

Mar 04, 2019

El curso me permitió tener una visión más amplia, concreta y profunda del Mediterráneo.

автор: Victor J C d S

Mar 16, 2017

This is the second course I have from Universitat de Barcelona. Both outstanding.

автор: Manuel E G F

Feb 01, 2017

Very interesting and interdisciplinary course. Congratulations for you great job.

автор: Gregg H

Feb 17, 2017

Broad overview of subject with interesting essays from fellow students

автор: Patricia C

Oct 16, 2017

An incredible experience. Congratulations

автор: Marco V

Feb 14, 2016

Excellent course and widely recommended

автор: Diana L

Aug 31, 2016

Wide-ranging and inclusive coverage of a vastly complex topic by an impressive list of erudite instructors. Very interesting, with very many jump-off points for further study. However... many of the translations into English were difficult to decipher, some to the point of near-obscurity. Sorry to say, translating of words does not reliably lead to transfer of meaning. Still, highly recommended for its reach in surveying the high points of the subject matter. Thank you!

автор: Angel B

Jan 03, 2018

I enjoyed this course. I wish you had gone more in-depth in regards to the Moors. If you ever decide to do a course fundamentally focused on Moorish Spain, please contact me. I'd love to take that class.

Sincerely, AB

автор: eric r

Mar 11, 2018

needs more written material accessible in English for the non-Spanish speaker to delve further into in order to understand the lectures in greater depth.

автор: Stavroula L

Feb 21, 2016

This course is very interesting and educational. I really enjoyed it. My only complaint is that sometimes there wasnt any translation from spanish.

автор: Senna R

Dec 28, 2015

1. Sometimes the audio of the recordings is poor, making it difficult to listen.

2. For non-speakers of Spanish, the translations are not so great and sometimes lack proper grammar or are almost literal translations of the spoken Spanish version. This makes the subject matter, although very interesting, very difficult to fully grasp. This also occurs in the quizzes, causing me to either misunderstand or not understand the questions.

Overall, it is a very interesting course but the 'execution' is not up to standard. It could be improved by updating the audio recordings, and correcting the translations for the subtitles

автор: Ruaraidh C

Jun 04, 2020

This course is a really good introduction to Mediterranean Studies for people with an interest in history. It touches on the academic features without being too complicated for people unused to academic learning. For an experienced history student, the course is slightly less valuable as it is quite easy and simple in points, I still found a lot of interest in the course. The only other thing that let the course down was the English translation which could be quite inconsistent and patchy. Nonetheless, it was informative and enjoyable.

автор: Krisztina S

Apr 20, 2020

The course was very interesting and it gave some good ideas, however I felt that it tried to teach too much in too shot time. It would have been better if thee would have been less themes but each of them deepened more - or the same amount of themes but in this case more time dedicated to each of them (not just a 30 min class, but maybe 1-2hours). Now I feel like for each theme we scatched the surface but didn't eally went into them

автор: Sofia K

Mar 21, 2016

Problems with translation from Spanish to English creating confusion to non - Spanish students. Not all the lectures are translated. I have noticed that some English translation is missing or is incorrect.

Also, since I am a non - Spanish student I can not review correctly and accordingly Spanish posted assignments due to language barriers.

автор: JOHN Q

Dec 20, 2015

The course material was good but the lectures being in Spanish with English translations was difficult to follow. I was disappointed in the short videos with subtitles.

автор: Catalina M

Jan 24, 2016

El presentador de los dos primeros videos lee continuamente el material, un material que debe dominar y que est

автор: P.D.F. V E

Feb 06, 2016

Too fast speech/ language use in combination with poor english translation, otherwise pretty well done.

автор: jose l r

May 13, 2020

Un curso bien armado, y con un enfoque interesante y que entusiasma a partir de la obra de Broudel. Felicitaciones.

Algunas sugerencias con ánimo de mejorar aún más su excelencia:

(i) Una breve descripción de cada lugar de Barcelona donde se dicta cada clase; algo se dice pero un poquito más (qué se exhibe allí; época de construcción, uso antes y actual, etc.) sería interesante, y que la cámara hiciera un brevísimo recorrido;

(ii) Respecto a las referencias a los cuadros y obras de arte que se van mostrando intercalados durante las exposiciones, su identificación está al final de cada lección; esto dificulta su correlato con la obra mostrada; si se pudiera poner una leyenda al mostrarlas, y si eso parece que puede distraer, ver de hacer un corte a la lección y presentar tres ó cuatro todas juntas y con breve referencia escrita.

(iii) Quizá un mayor uso de mapas por parte de los expositores, que pueden ser interactivos (mostrar las rutas, lugares como por ejemplo Lepanto, la ubicación de los puertos con un poco más de detenimiento, la costa africana sobre el Mediterráneo en auqel entonces y ahora...).

Por favor, son solo ideas y en modo alguno desmerece la calidad y muy buena organización del curso.


José Luis Rinaldi

автор: Rocío M E L

Feb 24, 2016

Si hubieran más estrellas, bien valdría la pena anotarlas todas. Lástima que solo nos permiten 5. Pero yo pongo 500, qué les parece???? Lo merecen los profesores, el staff, técnicos, la universidad.

Gracias, gracias y gracias. No hay palabra más hermosa que esa.

Los espero con nuevas ediciones y con nuevos cursos. Estaré esperando. No se olviden de mi.