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How can you tell if the bold headlines seen on social media are truly touting the next big thing or if the article isn't worth the paper it's printed on? Understanding Medical Studies, will provide you with the tools and skills you need to critically interpret medical studies, and determine for yourself the difference between good and bad science. The course covers study-design, research methods, and statistical interpretation. It also delves into the dark side of medical research by covering fraud, biases, and common misinterpretations of data. Each lesson will highlight case-studies from real-world journal articles. By the end of this course, you'll have the tools you need to determine the trustworthiness of the scientific information you're reading and, of course, whether or not your Facebook friend is wrong....

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Aug 02, 2020

Excellent course for physical therapists wanting to learn how to critically review the research literature. For those of us who completed physical therapy school > 15 years ago, this course is a must!


Apr 30, 2020

I enjoy studying this course , the material and video example are well made ,and easy to understand too . Overall this course is great and really helpful it also help me improve on my judgement skill.

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May 17, 2020

Amazing course!! Prof. Perry Wilson, got me interested since the very first lecture, and led me to the end of the course in no time! I recommend taking the course, especially if you are a Med-School student, because it will make your life that easier! I would also like to point out for any non-english student that nothing in the course is too complicated to understand, so it's a win-win!

автор: Connie D

Jul 04, 2020

Very helpful refresher, fun class, even the dad jokes. Would have even liked it to go one a bit longer, or perhaps a few more snap shots of actual clinical trials and application in the lectures, to learn better referencing of them when reading them. Perhaps compared with the easy to fun story examples you gave to better understand how the lecture examples pair with a real trial.

автор: Tino

Jun 03, 2020

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Perry Wilson who has done an awesome job presenting that topic with such a great structure and passion. Secondly, I would like to thank Coursera for having free access to this module. Overall, I have learned quite a lot of things and gained a much better understanding in detail as well as in total of medical research. All the best!

автор: Yuka K

Sep 09, 2020

The course is above my expectation and far different from the other statistics courses I have taken or books I have read. The lecturer taught me the importance of examining every research article critically, even published in renowned journals. There are lots of helpful contents, which I am going to review again for further understanding.

автор: Yolany L B

Jun 08, 2020

This professor makes fun jokes that keeps me entertained, while providing valuable information in regards to research. This course is not only understanding medical research, but in other areas that I can incorporate what I learned in this class to other fields such as psychology and political science. Thanks for this course professor.

автор: Sabrina I

Aug 11, 2020

This course was wonderful; I feel more prepared to read medical manuscripts and research journals. I also brushed up on my statistical skills, which was a good review. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their research knowledge while enjoying Dr. Perry's sense of humor. Thank you for the great course, Dr. Perry!

автор: DrMohamed M A

Sep 04, 2020

This was really a great course, I actually learned a lot about medical research. Now I can personally read and criticize published papers, I know where to read the peer reviewed articles and I can prove that my Facebook friend is wrong. And most importantly I can do my own studies. Many thanks to Dr F.Perry Wilson and the team.

автор: Patricia P

Jul 19, 2020

Having had the chance to really get a glimpse of how Medical Research works, I believe that the knowledge you can acquire from this course is crucial not only for your future career, but also for your analytical approach. Loved going through the details with Professor Perry Wilson. We all thank you !

автор: Lloyd J

Jun 09, 2020

Enjoyed the way that this course presented the information. The examples used thru the course helped to reinforce the topic being presented. The presentation style of Perry is great, with his obvious real life knowledge of the topic at hand aiding to the course. Highly recommend this course.

автор: Shweta K

Jun 28, 2020

Research has been a dreaded subject for me always.I felt it was boring and something that I cannot think of doing.

Thank you sir for making it so interesting for me.The kind of examples you shared, the simplicity of the course helped me in understanding it in a much better way.

автор: KALA G

Jun 15, 2020

Excellent, excellent course led by an extremely capable and articulate teacher. I discovered the reticent, inner student in me during this experience. The minimal math gave me no more than a few minutes of dry mouth and fleeting headache. I highly recommend this course.

автор: Rupok C

Sep 10, 2020

I am overwhelmed with the witty presentations on research terminologies by the Instructor. He linked all those key definitions with published articles that a medical researcher must know. Highly recommended for all the people who love research and statistical analysis.

автор: Laura G A

Jun 16, 2020

This is a very well created course, both the support material and explanations are of high quality with current examples (even it was updated with some very recent COVID studies), if thta were nos enough, the course is extremely funy as well! Totally worth it

автор: Leona P

Sep 04, 2020

This covers what we learned in medical school but makes it understandable, friendly and even fun! 100% recommended to do the course and when I forget these things again, I will happily come back and revise. Prof. Perry is a great teacher. Thank you for this!

автор: Barbara

Jul 17, 2020

Fantastic course: great information in bite-sized installments, the instructor is super clear, very knowledgeable and highly engaging. I loved both the real examples and the funny and down-to-earth experiments on campus. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Many thanks.

автор: Jessica G

Jun 11, 2020

It is an amazing course with great explanation and examples by Dr. Wilson. Everything is explained clearly and in depth, facilitating learning of understanding medical research. It gave me such an extensive insight into various aspects of medical studies.

автор: Ummu H

Jun 24, 2020

words can't express how much this course has helped me and my research. I can now be confident about what I publish. the professor has done a tremendous job with the lectures and I recommend everyone to please go through every aspect of every lecture.

автор: Christine H

Jun 10, 2020

What an excellent course! Prof. Wilson is an amazing presenter who used vivid and interesting examples to introduce and elaborate on the complex concepts of medical research. I'm looking forward to taking another course that is taught by Prof. Wilson.

автор: Giannina Z

Jul 27, 2020

I cannot thank Dr. Perry enough. This course was a godsend. I feel way more prepared to understand the studies I read, particularly under the current pandemic, as I strive to go straight to the source as opposed to trust whatever people send or post.

автор: Gloria G

Jun 08, 2020

I have enjoyed this course. I am more aware of the terms and phrases used in medical research papers and am better able to interpret what the researchers/authors mean. I am able to apply my scepticism of what I read in a logical and reasonable way.

автор: Daniel S

Jul 05, 2020

Dr Wilson is engaging and thorough throughout his course. It's a lot to absorb, but his ability to distill the key components of medical literature to the layperson helps to ease what can feel like overwhelming information. It's beyond impressive.

автор: Heather B

Aug 26, 2020

I loved this course!!! Every concept was explained in a manner that made it easy for me to understand. I appreciated the humor, great examples, and interesting visual aids. I'm going to miss Dr. Wilson and I hope he teaches more courses!!!!

автор: Olesya F

Sep 04, 2020

Great course, great presenter! Complex statistical concepts explained with clear examples. Lots of fun too as claimed by the author. Lots of useful information to digest no and try to remember and use while reading medical articles :-)

автор: Comfort A

Aug 24, 2020

Excellent course, well put together, interesting presenter with the ability to take complex concepts and explain them in simple terms. I am a lot more confident about interpreting medical research after having gone through the course.

автор: Don C

Jul 12, 2020

That was so informative and well laid out. I've attempted to read studies in the past and now I have a basis of understanding of the different types and methods. Not to mention an understanding of how to tell the good from the bad.