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Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs, EIT Digital

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You live a hands-on-life, and you intend continuing doing so! That is why I guess you already have checked where the QR-code (the logo) for this course lead to, right? And it is in such kind of setting you prefer hands-on-learning. Things you can do, already today, is something you value. You actually did not start this course when enrolling it. You started it long ago, Either as a customer somewhere, or just maybe thinking about marketing for some time. Or maybe you are already working on marketing, of you yourself or maybe your own company. Or as employed somewhere of course. In all these situations what matter is action. Action that contribute to your marketing-journey. This is the reason why we will start of with a situation “as if” you were starting up the sales process in a company where no previous customers existed (and maybe you are, if so...use it during the course). Gradually your sales efforts give result, you get customers and handling the market expansion becomes important. If somewhat lucky, in practice that is the way it goes. The course begins with the art of cold calling (attacking the ones that did not know you did exist. The most tricky ones) and analyzing the potential customers, then gradually moves over to segmentation, positioning, closing the deal, competition, marketing strategy and market expansion. It is normally in that order it develops in practice. The curriculum includes general basic marketing theories as well modern digital marketing issues like onboarding, conversion, and retention, experimental marketing and pivoting. The course includes a number of assignments to facilitate your learning – some of them compulsory. All of them hopefully practically useful for you already today. On one hand this is a basics course. There is far more in this than we are able to cover here. But I still think this course will prepare you for some of the most common marketing and sales efforts needed for technology based companies. Later on I guess you will learn more. Maybe here or somewhere else. Hope you enjoy it. Good learning have to be fun. So if the course is not fun enough for you: Please let me know!...

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автор: OO

Aug 14, 2017

Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs is a course that also gives an insight into Digital marketing. I would recommend for any one going into any kind of selling.

автор: AA

Mar 28, 2018

more than perfect for me ,and the value added countless

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Рецензии: 24

автор: Suman Varanasi

Mar 19, 2019

I did enjoy the first few weeks of classes, later It got too boring by the end of the course. Also the structure is kind of lost on why a week is needed and what is being covered.

By the way, the pictures shown in the TV doesn't make sense at all.

автор: Marie Dugas

Feb 24, 2019

Really enjoyed this course

автор: Aniket Rajendra Trimbake

Nov 22, 2018



















автор: Jose Antonio Gomez Gonzalez

Oct 18, 2018

awesome course

автор: Mahdi Tushar Chowdhury

Jun 19, 2018

I love this course

автор: Sejan Rahman Chowdhury

May 31, 2018

I love this course

автор: Diana Arakelyan

Mar 31, 2018


автор: asmaa ali

Mar 28, 2018

more than perfect for me ,and the value added countless

автор: Edith García Martinez

Feb 23, 2018

Good course for entrepreneurs!

автор: andre norbim

Feb 06, 2018

Great course on how to sell for startups. Need more book references !