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In this course on Linear Algebra we look at what linear algebra is and how it relates to vectors and matrices. Then we look through what vectors and matrices are and how to work with them, including the knotty problem of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and how to use these to solve problems. Finally we look at how to use these to do fun things with datasets - like how to rotate images of faces and how to extract eigenvectors to look at how the Pagerank algorithm works. Since we're aiming at data-driven applications, we'll be implementing some of these ideas in code, not just on pencil and paper. Towards the end of the course, you'll write code blocks and encounter Jupyter notebooks in Python, but don't worry, these will be quite short, focussed on the concepts, and will guide you through if you’ve not coded before. At the end of this course you will have an intuitive understanding of vectors and matrices that will help you bridge the gap into linear algebra problems, and how to apply these concepts to machine learning....

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Aug 26, 2018

Great way to learn about applied Linear Algebra. Should be fairly easy if you have any background with linear algebra, but looks at concepts through the scope of geometric application, which is fresh.


Dec 23, 2018

Professors teaches in so much friendly manner. This is beginner level course. Don't expect you will dive deep inside the Linear Algebra. But the foundation will become solid if you attend this course.

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автор: SHIVAM P

May 19, 2020

Everything was very well explained except the Page Rank part.A more detailed explanation would have been better. Overall a fantastic course for understanding Mathematics for ML

автор: Muthu K

Apr 06, 2020

I would like to extend my thanks to the Coursera team and the team from Imperial College London for giving us such a platform to learn the basics to keep our foundation strong.

автор: Jugal H

Jun 01, 2020

Beautifully delivered and with strong foundations, this course teaches you just the right set of things you will need to build your Linear Algebra skills for Machine Learning.

автор: Boon L

May 19, 2020

Overall it has been great in being given an opportunity to dive into mathematics world with some real useful examples! Thank you very much. Hope to see you again next courses.

автор: Oscar S

May 18, 2020

I've learn the basics and other interesting topics about linear algebra. I think that the lecturer's use a simple language to describe all that it is behind the linear algebra

автор: Gaurav a

Feb 07, 2019

I will recommend this course to everyone. The way I think about matrices and eigenvectors are completely changed. This course makes the Linear Algebra very easy to understand.

автор: Sanjay N

Aug 05, 2020

The videos are brief, yet really informative. Main aspects of the subjects are covered and the lectures communicate the ideas in an intuitive manner for better understanding.

автор: Akshaya P K

Nov 20, 2018

Loved it. One of the best courses I have taken in Coursera so far. The thoughtfulness with which the content is developed and delivered, technology used etc. are impeccable.

автор: Arun I

Aug 03, 2020

Great course. Great instructors and loved the whole course.

Basis transformations, eigen vectors, eigen basis and related applications were great and explained with clarity.

автор: mostafa i

Jan 09, 2020

Really the content of the course and the Instructor are amazing really thanks as i understand how we can map the linear algebra to the real life especially Machine Learning

автор: Rahul N

Aug 24, 2020

This course gave me the best knowledge about Linear Algebra right from basics. The concepts in this course will be very useful and are actually essential for programming.

автор: Lude R

Jun 09, 2020

The lectures are very organized and concise. The practice problems, including coding exercises, are very relevant and helpful for understanding and applying the concepts.

автор: Marina P

Aug 20, 2019

Enjoyed a lot this course! Its very practical and visual, the assignments are fun and I learned a lot from them. Sometimes it was quite challenging, but not overwhelming.

автор: Pavani R

Apr 22, 2018

very well designed course. After a long search for perfect math intro to ML this was the perfect course i stumbled upon. Instructors are engaging and content is relevant.

автор: Omkar R

Jun 03, 2020

I really enjoyed both the instuctors their, teching skills are so good.I highly recommend this course to my peers those who want to do their career in machine learning .

автор: mrinal

Apr 29, 2018

I really enjoyed this course esp the way it was taught .The presenter used geometrical representation to make the theory understand. There was no need to refer the book.

автор: Prateek k

Sep 06, 2020

Very good course for me to start having better understanding of linear algebra for even a high school student... thank you very much for the awesome course content....

автор: Ritu R

Oct 02, 2019

If you are a machine learner I will recommend you should take this course, it's a like foundation it helps me a lot to understand the machine learning at deeper level.

автор: Arthur T R

Sep 18, 2018

Excellent course, covering a lot of important concepts and giving a simple and intuitive interpretation for them. One of the best online courses I ever participated.

автор: Andrew B

Aug 21, 2019

The seminar gave a much better conceptual understanding of linear algebra that I have not appreciated from previous course work. I thoroughly enjoy all the lectures

автор: sameen n

Feb 22, 2019

It give me basic understanding of vectors and matrices. Understand the concepts of eigen values and eigen vectors and got understanding of how google pagerank works.

автор: Tichakunda

Jan 03, 2019

This is a top intro class and looks at linear algebra from first principles , focusing on the intuition (and the math follows very smoothly). Perfect class, really!

автор: Jaffer K

Sep 18, 2018

A really good refresher of past concepts. It builds intuition into basics that bug many people. This course can help anyone build a good foundation in Linear Algebra

автор: MohAmedd M

Jul 31, 2018

Excellent foundation course , gave me an idea how linear algebra being used for algorithms developing and enhance my intuitive about solving linear algebra problems

автор: Sudhir K D J

Jan 24, 2020

The 5 star goes for only and only the educator. I could never find such energy and enthusiasm in a teacher teaching Mathematics. Hope he teaches other subjects too!