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Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from the Faculty of Native Studies that explores the different histories and contemporary perspectives of Indigenous peoples living in Canada. From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores complex experiences Indigenous peoples face today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations. Topics for the 12 lessons include the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, legal systems and rights, political conflicts and alliances, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions....

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2 нояб. 2020 г.

I'm so pleased to have been able to educated myself further on the true history of "Canada", what should have stayed Turtle Island. Being able to continue my learning and hopefully being a better ally


10 окт. 2021 г.

This is a must for anyone, non-indigenous to Indigenous to complete. Should also be a part of the process to become a Canadian citizen. Very well done. I thank you for opening my eyes, mind and heart.

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автор: Kimia G

2 янв. 2021 г.

This is a great course for anyone who is unfamiliar with Indigenous history and peoples in Canada and wants to learn more. The course will give you a comprehensive overview, and weaves in beautiful artwork by Leah Dorion that I absolutely loved. I especially appreciated the modules on the Fur Trade, governance systems, the various Treaties, the Indian Act, residential schools, and Indigenous women and artists.

автор: Alix R

2 нояб. 2020 г.

Excellent course, but the format could use improvement. 12 weeks of the same format for each module (multiple videos, reading, quiz) made the course feel repetitive and very long. It would be better if each module incorporated different interactive elements or ways to present the information. Despite this, the content is excellent and is an essential source of information that every Canadian should learn from.

автор: Carol G

3 дек. 2020 г.

Thank you. I feel the gap in my understanding of the indigenous perspective of history was significant. I would now like to study each specific area of the course in more depth. Thank you for helping me ‘see’ more clearly and providing me a new framework with which to view my country and the colonialism which shaped its trajectory. There is much healing, learning and reconciliation that must guide our future.

автор: Janice M P

26 нояб. 2021 г.

​This was my first on line course in my quest for knowledge of our Indigenous people. I did find the sections about the treaty process and dates heavy going but history never was my forte. Never the less, I have completed the course and have also completed Aboriginal Worldviews from UoT. This is a great way to expand my knowledge of an area that, regretably, was never taught when I was in the school systems.

автор: Stephanie R

11 дек. 2020 г.

This is an excellent course that I think every Canadian should take. In fact, I think it should be mandatory in all levels of school from elementary to University level. It would also be helpful to have a similar course on Indigenous history in the US. I don't even know if reconciliation is a thing in the U.S. I do think this course could be updated though, because a lot has changed over the last 10 years.

автор: Molly R T

20 сент. 2020 г.

At times it seemed as though the course prioritized presenting the contributions that indigenous peoples have made to colonial Canada instead of focusing on the ways in which settler society/systems have damaged and impeded life for indigenous communities (I found this mainly in week 6 but at other times as well). I would love the opportunity to delve into some of these ideas further in follow-up courses!

автор: Felix A

12 окт. 2020 г.

Essential course for ALL colonial settlers. Suggestions: for modules that are long or contain a lot of facts, eg Module 8 and the final one, please have Quizzes at shorter intervals to build encouragement. Also, include more visual examples, especially for Indigenous Artists, to enhance interest and help personalize the lectures. Grateful thanks for a liberating eye opener on Canada’s HIDDEN HISTORY 🙏🏽

автор: Anne P J

2 авг. 2021 г.

i​ found the videos had just the right level of complexity for someone new to the topic. I appreciated that i could then print off a transcript of the videos as a permanent resource to refer back to. I liked that i could do the course in my own time and at my own pace. I would thoroughky recommend this course to anyone who wishes to educate themselves about the true story of indigenous people in Canada.

автор: Tiffany T

10 дек. 2020 г.

Great primer for history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, especially evolution of relationships with European settlers. I am glad the course talks about diversity of Indigenous Peoples rather than grouping them together. I did not have time to delve into the interactive art at the end of each module, but I love this idea. Some questions and answers on quizzes are worded strangely or are a bit ambiguous.

автор: Bill A

1 нояб. 2020 г.

Very good. Carefully factual. Supported with evidence and documentation. Offered more depth and detail than I expected at first. Understandably idealized depiction of Indigenous cultures (no mention of precolonial slavery or caste systems, for example), but why invite negative criticism. There has been enough of that. A little bit dry and stilted in places, but that's typical of most academic courses.

автор: Meagan S

21 сент. 2020 г.

While the course information was very interesting and important to learn, the delivery was very hard to focus on. It was very repetitive and was hard to engage with. I am glad that I have the readings for later as this will be helpful to reread over time. Overall, very happy I took the course to open my eyes up to these experiences which I was not fully aware of before. Very good learning experience!

автор: Amanda H

15 июня 2022 г.

while the videos were well done, would suggest other methods of engaging the learner in other interactive ways to learn the material. To maintain full focus within each of the modules I prefered to complete in one sitting but there was a ton of video and I found it hard to retain as much information without a bit more interactive exercises. Overall, thank you for this course and for the learnings.

автор: Kathleen T

18 июня 2021 г.

I found this course very rewarding. I feel like I have a better understanding of the history and legacy of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. It was at times difficult to face the horrors my colonial ancestors inflicted upon Canada's Indigenous peoples. My only concern is with the quizzes. If I did the quiz on my laptop I couldn't properly select the answer I wanted. It would change them after the fact.

автор: Pauline V E

15 июня 2020 г.

The variety of topics presented was comprehensive, but the content in each topic was not. I was immensely disappointed that some native words were incorrectly spoken , eg. Mohawk people Kanien:keha'ka (there is NO "k" sound in Mohawk - its a "g" sound). If you are going to share this with your listeners, then please pronounce it correctly. I definitely finished this course knowing so much more.

автор: Pat G

12 апр. 2022 г.

T​his course was an eye opener to understanding the binary and matriarchal importance and role it played in Indigenous culture. The historical data of European influence was well presented and helps me to understand negative attitudes towards non-indigenous people. I am getting involved with our Rotary Clubs Indegenous relations committee so this course will certainly assist me in moving forward

автор: Robert S

1 апр. 2020 г.

This course was an excellent introduction to someone seeking a better understanding of Indigenous North Americans. I learnt a great deal more than I expected, and would highly recommend it to anyone. I might recommend editing of some of the quiz questions/answers, as they are occasionally poorly worded, which often obfuscates the correct answer. Thanks very much for putting the course together!

автор: Wally W

6 янв. 2021 г.

Not having been in a school learning environment for over forty years, I found it difficult to study and retain the information appropriate to answering the quiz. I am looking forward to being better prepared

and retain the most relative information in my next course initiative. I truly found this course very well presented and most informative about our Indigenous citizens and their culture.

автор: Hate C D M P

26 нояб. 2020 г.

I found many errors in the notes and the lectures which undermined the credibility of the presentation. I also found the speaking voices to be very monotone and difficult to listen to for more than a few minutes at a time. There were also technical issues with the website freezing and dropping out. Overall it was a very informative and useful experience that I would recommend to others.

автор: Miss L B

16 окт. 2020 г.

This is a very interesting and informative course that was thorough and well presented. It touched on a wide variety of areas regarding the Indigenous people of Canada. The reading material before answering the questions was excellent. Much better than another course that I have taken. A couple of questions on two quizzes were ambiguous, but that would be the only aspect that was negative.

автор: Amanda R

24 янв. 2019 г.

This course had excellent content. I am baffled and outraged at how Indigenous people have been treated in the past and continue to be treated, and that the majority of Canadians (myself included) are not educated on this history. My only complaint is that the course notes do not always match the spoken dialogue in the videos (ex: Rebecca Belmore's "Trace" was called "Fringe" in the notes).

автор: Alyssa D

28 февр. 2021 г.

I really enjoyed the content of this course and learned a lot! The assessments did make my learning experience a bit more challenging. I found that the multiple-choice questions tended to be a bit confusing, ambiguous, poorly worded, or too memorization-based (as opposed to deeply testing knowledge). If possible, I think it would be very helpful to students for the quizzes to be reviewed.

автор: Catharine L

28 июля 2020 г.

Extremely informative, insightful, and equally shocking. There are so many dimensions to the history of the Indigenous, Inuit and Metis. We all need to educate ourselves and this course is very good start. There needs to be much discussion around this topic in our high schools, post secondary education institutions and in our living rooms. Hearing the story first hand was very moving.

автор: Sueanne P

26 мар. 2022 г.

This course is insightful, and a reset to the way history is taught in Canadian schools. It has changed my perspective, and highlighted how much more is to be learned about who they are, and what they have been up against to retain their right to their sovereignty. Thank you for sharing your stories as to what Indigenous people have endured . May we all move forward in peace and love.

автор: Catherine M

29 нояб. 2021 г.

a great course, fabulous information and thoughtful forms of presentation The art mural was a brilliant way to capture the diversity of issues and their import to Indigenous peoples and Canadians. I would recommend the insertion of additional or supplementary readings, if possible, to broaden the scope of what the course addresses. But overall the quality was superb and well delivered.

автор: andrew T

14 февр. 2021 г.

The course was really well presented, very informative. There were parts where the pop quiz in the middle of the course popped up before the information was shared. Other than that the course was great. I learnt the number of Indigenous people is in Canada vast and diverse, and how the Canadian government has to do a better job in consultation and inclusion of our First Nation People.