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О курсе

In this course, you will learn the science behind how digital images and video are made, altered, stored, and used. We will look at the vast world of digital imaging, from how computers and digital cameras form images to how digital special effects are used in Hollywood movies to how the Mars Rover was able to send photographs across millions of miles of space. The course starts by looking at how the human visual system works and then teaches you about the engineering, mathematics, and computer science that makes digital images work. You will learn the basic algorithms used for adjusting images, explore JPEG and MPEG standards for encoding and compressing video images, and go on to learn about image segmentation, noise removal and filtering. Finally, we will end with image processing techniques used in medicine. This course consists of 7 basic modules and 2 bonus (non-graded) modules. There are optional MATLAB exercises; learners will have access to MATLAB Online for the course duration. Each module is independent, so you can follow your interests....

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23 авг. 2020 г.

A very much detailed course on image and video processing. I want to thank the instructor, Mr. Guillermo, for a detailed explanation on every topic. The course is quite long but it is worth it. Great!

10 окт. 2018 г.

I god certified from Duke University through Image and Video Processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a Stop at the Hospital\n\nAmazing with Coursera platform really Got Experienced from this subject

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7 апр. 2020 г.


автор: Sumanta B

15 янв. 2018 г.


автор: Amit m

29 мар. 2018 г.

Good overview of some of the techniques in digital image processing. While a lot of the math was derived, I found in some weeks the explanations were lacking. I used outside sources (other digital image processing courses on youtube and blogs) to get a better understanding of how to implement these algorithms from scratch. Instead of using Matlab's built-in functions, if the professor implemented the algorithms from scratch in Matlab or Numpy, it would have really helped get a clearer picture.

Overall, I enjoyed the course. Thank you.

автор: John P

3 нояб. 2017 г.

The lectures are generally clear, and most of the coding practice problems are useful. Sometimes the contents in the lecture are not quite organized, say, multiple ways of performing the same operation are discussed, and the occasions when to apply which, or which one is preferred, is not discussed in details. In addition, as this course uses majorly MATLAB for coding, some sample codes may be of interests.

автор: Abdul b

16 янв. 2018 г.

This course give the best mathematical intuition behind the image processing algorithms. Anyone who wants to develop and gain in depth understanding image processing algorithms then who take this course but one thing is remember that you have intermediate level in calculus and linear algebra and some probability theory other wise you not understand three lectures.

автор: Harsh S

1 авг. 2020 г.

If you want to know the actual math behind all the image processing tool , then this is a perfect course for you. The people looking for a quick brush up or a crash course, this course will not help you. Ir can get a little boring with all the concept, but at the end you will have the complete all round knowledge. I enjoyed this course.

Thank You

автор: Rushi P

12 мар. 2018 г.

Includes wide range of theories that can be applied to Image Processing. The Professor is really good at the flow of theories and its applications as we progress through the course. Explanation through MATLAB helped a lot in gaining a sense of how accessible these applications are.

автор: Rahul G

22 июля 2018 г.

Wonderful and well developed course, that starts from basic image processing such as intensity level processing to advanced processing methods(active contours). The practices programming questions at end of each week helps in understanding the theory in efficient manner.

автор: krishna a

7 окт. 2019 г.

the whole course is very nice and covers a lot of topics. The problem is that sometimes it gets a little complex and hard to understand few topics and it seems like the topic is not getting delivered properly and he doesn't make it simple for us to understand.

автор: Mrunal M

26 апр. 2017 г.

Its a very good course for those interested in Image Processing. The professor has a wide knowledge in this field and one will learn more after going through the recommended books. You will also learn a bit of MATLAB for Image processing in this course.

автор: Ananya K

24 янв. 2018 г.

Would not recommend this course to people who don't have a grasp on intermediate knowledge of math and science. However, it's perfect to skim over in order to know the basics. Fairly technical, but explained and presented very well.

автор: Yusuf S C

2 июня 2017 г.

Very informative very useful and exciting course. Programming exercises must be included as compulsory assignments. I think it is really necessary and it will be extremely helpful to understand better

автор: fangchao

18 февр. 2019 г.

This Course is very intersting. It becomes more and more difficult from week 5. No matlab example show me the power that image process using PDE. I want to learn more from the code layer.

автор: Heitor A B Q G

30 июля 2017 г.

Great course! I learned a lot. The subject is very interesting, the examples are well dimensioned. I hope we have a new course, to go further, with more techniques and problems.

автор: sourov d

15 июля 2020 г.

Explanations were really hard for me to catch, so much hard and huge topics were discussed in a comparably short time. But resources and tests were rich.

автор: Ruixin Y

27 сент. 2018 г.

Thank you very much, both professor and coursera. Expected to learn more, especially something more practical, coding in python for example.

автор: Eeyi O

2 июля 2017 г.

Prof. Sapiro is amazing at explaining things, and having both an in person and an online component to the course was incredibly helpful.

автор: Hossam A

10 апр. 2020 г.

Very good material, very hot topics , a lot of mathematics, need more practice and more time and programming examples

автор: Ankit K P

15 дек. 2017 г.

Great MOOC! I wish it was more longer and had more to teach! Especially morphology and more on HIV reconstruction.

автор: 李中源

1 июля 2017 г.

very suitable for beginners。The handwriting formula should be more clear, sometimes they were a little confusing

автор: Ritajit K R

6 апр. 2019 г.

Interesting course. Got to know applications as well. Best as a compliment to problem-based theoretical course.

автор: Jayadev

3 мар. 2018 г.

very good information, i whish the lectures were a little bit more structured from the part of the instructor

автор: Dr. A J

16 апр. 2020 г.

The writing on the ppt could have been more legible. Overall a good course. Excellent quiz questions.

автор: eeyiyi31

25 сент. 2019 г.

week 6 is hard to understand, need to watch many times, hope it can be explained better in future.