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What are the determinants of a happy and fulfilling life? This is surely one of life’s biggest questions, and a question that has interested many of our ancestors. Buddha famously gave up his kingdom in search of happiness. Several Greek philosophers (from Aristotle to Epicurus and Plato to Socrates) had their own views on what it takes to be happy. And of course, we all have our own theories about happiness too. How valid are our theories? Until recently, if you wished for an answer to this question, you would've been forced to base it on discussions with spiritual leaders. Or, if you were lucky, you could've based it on late-night (and perhaps intoxicant-fueled) conversations with friends and family. Happily, all that has changed now. Over the past decade-and-a-half, scientists have gotten into the act big time. We now have a pretty good idea of what it takes to lead a happy and fulfilling life. This course, based on the award-winning class offered both at the Indian School of Business and at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, developed by Prof. Raj Raghunathan (aka "Dr. Happy-smarts") draws content from a variety of fields, including psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral decision theory to offer a tested and practical recipe for leading a life of happiness and fulfillment. Although not mandatory, reading Prof. Raj's forthcoming book, titled If you're so smart, why aren't you happy? can help you review and assimilate the material covered in this book at your leisure. For Coursera learners alone, the hardcover version of the book is available for a deep discount of 50%, plus shipping and handling. You can order the hardcover for 50% off by writing to Aaron at: Please mention that you are a student of the "coursera happiness course" in your email. The course will feature guest appearances by several well-known thought leaders, including: - Dan Ariely (author of Predictably Irrational and, soon to be released, Irrationally Yours), - Ed Diener (“Dr. Happiness”), - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (author of Flow), By taking this course, you will discover the answers to questions such as: - Why aren’t the smart-and-the-successful as happy as they could—or should—be - What are the “7 Deadly Happiness Sins” that even the smart and the successful commit?, and - What are the “7 Habits of the Highly Happy” and how can you implement them in your life? By the end of the course, I expect students who have been diligent with the lectures and exercises to not just gain a deeper understanding of the science of happiness, but to also be significantly happier....

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Apr 24, 2018

Excellent course, Professor Raj is great. I found it very helpful to see what types of personality traits I have that may contribute to my happiness level and possible approaches to dealing with them.


Jan 24, 2017

This course is a joy! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Practical advice based on long-term research, interviews with worldwide experts on the topics discussed, and a fabulous professor. So great!

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автор: Débora T

Sep 29, 2015

A life of Happiness and Fulfilment has been a real great experience, a time I could offer myself to explore and dig deep into happiness.

I think Prof. Raj plays a huge role in motivating participants to move forward, even the more suspicious about the value of compassion, mindfulness, loving care.

Prof. Raj teaches with passion and always finding balance between being and acting professional but I am so grateful Prof Raj knows he can dance, and tell us jokes, be super friendly and yet be his perfect "self".

Thank you prof. Raj, I enjoyed your classes and the guests you brought to us.


автор: Geeta R

Jun 10, 2019

The course is very detailed. The theories and philosophy is supported by lot of research, talks by expert. The course is overall has lots to offer, the only improvement needed is on the aspect that it seems like a very theory driven and a serious course, the fun part is missing in it.

The orator of the course has immense knowledge and does offer lot of take aways. I actually would have named the course as Scientific method & theories to achieve happiness.

автор: Fernie

Sep 29, 2016

I was scepticale at first but Raj explained all sides to his ideas so well that I had to keep watching. Every time I thought of important questions, he'd explain it 1 minute later. The only concern for me personaly was that he choose creative wordings over clarity & simplicity. I also aticipated better strategies and explainations to sin #5 for toxic people, psych pain, accountability but besides this everything else was beyond expectations.

автор: Anju A

Sep 20, 2017

This course was very informative and enjoyable. The rich course materials & videos offer excellent learning opportunities into this vast topic.

In my opinion, the instructions for each exercise are too long and tend to become very boring, encouraging me to skip them at times. The students are not so low in intelligence that they need so much repetition in instructions.

Thank you for an overall great course offering.

автор: Alejandro A M V

Mar 03, 2017

Muy buen curso, enseña técnicas muy útiles para mejorar nuestra felicidad en general. Mi principal crítica es que son DEMASIADOS videos y en ocasiones resultan redundantes, creo que deberían tratar de utilizar material en diapositivas o apoyarse en general menos en los videos (además son muy extensos). Es sumamente útil para los que queremos especializarnos en áreas relacionadas a la psicología. Extrañaré el curso.

автор: Araminta

Oct 26, 2015

I've taken about 70 MOOCs across multiple platforms. Of those 70, I've completed about 12. Of those 12, about 4 were good. This is one of those four. Sometimes the videos were a little long, but the work was inspired and the science behind the content was great. I did every assignment (rare for a MOOCer, as you probably know). This was totally worth my time. I hope you find it to be worth yours. Enjoy!

автор: Yajayra S C

Mar 03, 2016

The content it has been very exciting, dynamic and enjoyable. I like how the information is structured and all the sources from professionals are gathering together. Great class for everybody! definitely much more than a Happy Life course. The only thing I don't love about it is the music introduction in every session, which for me is a little too cheese.

автор: Timothy P

Feb 07, 2016

A very good course. My only suggestions would be to extend the course for a week or even two. The time and amount of work needed to complete the last week's assignments were inconsistent with the other weeks. To have done my best with the final quiz and assignment, I should have spent a significant amount of time reviewing material from previous weeks.

автор: Patty W

Aug 14, 2015

This was a very good course and it offered many reasons why people aren't happy and techniques on how to change. There were some instances where it was confusing and/or the information was too segmented. I liked that the videos were short, but sometimes that contributed to the segmentation of a lesson. I would recommend this course to others.

автор: Aglaia D P

May 11, 2020

I'm very satisfied with the course, because we learned useful and interesting information about as also as the title of the course say "A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment"! Furthermore the learning was very joyful and with different methods!!! Thank you coursera and our professor Ras for this opportunity to change our lives!!!

автор: Alias G

Jun 25, 2016



автор: Mike S

Jan 03, 2017

Overall, this course contains some great, potentially life-changing advice. I would definitely recommend it. It loses one star for the production values of the videos (lots of stock photography, annoying sounds) and the unnecessary length of the instructional videos for the assignments.

автор: Bilal H

Oct 15, 2017

There is always a room for betterment yet I admit SIr Raj is enough (even if he doesn't give such lengthy talks) to make you feel happy and motivated. Such deep studies for making you realize that happiness is within you very free and away from material and external conditions.

автор: Shashank N

May 25, 2020

Good to learn the ways of keeping oneself happy modulated in weekly units. The presentation includes discussions with many leaders from a particular field to give first-hand insights. This course will help everyone always, anytime, anywhere.

автор: LOW S M

May 23, 2020

It's a good and interesting course! But a bit lengthy especially "The 6th Happiness Exercise: Three Good Things with a Twist" that makes the duration of the course very long. I enjoy the presence practice session as well. Thumbs up!

автор: Sautereau O

Aug 08, 2016

Rich, great and intense course. Be aware of the implication of the students before enrolling in order to be stressed about the exercice that need you to work / think of it every week.

Thank you for the content which is really rich.

автор: Adriana A J

Nov 07, 2016

Great course but there are too many videos (maybe they can be zipped into one longer video instead of four to five short ones) and readings and I think this course should have more practice, more exercises, more field activities.

автор: avrilfj

Aug 25, 2015

Well presented and interesting course, I've taken some great points from this that I hope to integrate into my day to day life.

I didn't feel there was much value in the self assessments, perhaps there are a Coursea requirement?

автор: Siddharth S

Dec 23, 2015

The Course seems to be a great one and the way it has been delivered is fantastic...

Although, I know there is a lot of content to be covered to make it really impactful but I felt the duration is just a bit longer than expected.

автор: Dee S

Sep 26, 2015

Because all of us owe it to ourselves to be a bit happier than we are now. I'm finding this class is allowing me to give myself permission to be happy. This is making a difference in my daily life. I laugh more often & louder.

автор: Celina T C

May 01, 2017

I think it's a great effort for presenting us all this research, videos, activities, etc. but sometimes is heavy, boring, long, I think you could resume de course, so we don't loss interest. Thanks a lot anyway!

автор: Satya N S

May 25, 2020

It was great learning experience. I got to know so many new things and practices to boost my happiness and spread happiness to others. Thanks Professor, ISB and Coursera to providing this great learning course.

автор: Rikin

Sep 15, 2015

A welcome change....Brilliant concept in the world of technology and data crunching this course makes it so easier to detach to materialistic things and follow your heart and do what you really like....

автор: Jina F C

Nov 12, 2015

This course was fun and it re-opened my eyes and mind to how happy life can be if we remove/ take control of our own mental obstacles.

I would recommend to anyone who's cup isn't full.

автор: Kulveer S

Feb 27, 2017

I can see the hard work of Prof. Raj and his team. More of cognitive inputs are there please try putting more tools, tricks and techniques to be more happy. Thanks.