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Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner and Professor Andrew Metrick survey the causes, events, policy responses, and aftermath of the recent global financial crisis....

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8 апр. 2017 г.

Great course indeed. I was following the materials and videos of the crisis for a long time and this course perfectly summarized everthing back by data analysis. Highly recommended to all enthusiasts.

31 авг. 2018 г.

This course was excellent. The short yet crisp lectures have given me a fair perspective of what came before, during and to an extent after the GFC. I feel I will greatly benefit from this knowledge.

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автор: Pruthviraj B V

24 мая 2020 г.

everyone who has finance background want to know about the 2008 crisis this is the course one need to know. it will give you clear picture of what happened back then and how much difficult for the financial institutions and the policy makers to take decisions. overall its a wonderful course.

автор: Aditya h

24 дек. 2015 г.

Explains thoroughly the cause of the Financial crisis, contagion and prevention. Touches on the Euro zone crisis and the problems with single currency for member nations. The course parallels a documentary but at the same time elucidates on various fragments leading to the crisis

автор: Leslie D

28 нояб. 2021 г.

I really enjoyed this course. The professor was outstanding in his ability to make complex topics understandable. The lectures were short and well-paced, and the quizzes straightforward. I completely recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about finance.


11 дек. 2019 г.

The course exceeded my expectations. With cohesive content, real examples and perfect didactics, the teachers were able to pass their knowledge clearly and accurately. I feel much more confident in public speaking and presenting my point of view to the various stakeholders.

автор: Anirudh B

17 февр. 2016 г.

Excellent overview of the global financial crisis! Prof. Metrick does a great job dissecting the complex financial system to help understand the crisis. The modules are well organized and engaging. Really gave me an appreciation for economic policy and financial markets.

автор: Thomas G

23 апр. 2016 г.

This is an excellent course, blending financial theory with the practical experience of confronting a major crisis. I chose this course to get a broad view of the Global Financial Crisis in preparation for further reading on the subject; I am very happy with my choice.

автор: Panagiotis E

20 июня 2020 г.

A very well structured, thorough and objective look at the events that caused the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Andrew Metrick is an excellent lecturer and I thank him a lot for the knowledge he provided. I was highly interested and engaged throughout the course.

автор: yangchun

21 февр. 2019 г.

It's very useful and with a clear logic of the course. And, the pronouciation of the professor is very clear, that is one of the main reason I can understand and continue the course. And the translation of content is helpful for me too. Exelent platform for leaners.

автор: Doğaç A

25 мая 2020 г.

Great course for those who would like to understand the core of the Global Financial Crisis. It covers all the important events and supports with further research materials for those who would like analyse more. Thanks a lot for all the contributors to this course.

автор: Nicholas A C

19 мар. 2016 г.

This course offers very material of a high quality, with complex matter summarised in a very effective and helpful way. You are likely to gain interest new perspectives irrespective of background. Cudos to the organizers for a job very well done!

Nick Clark, CFA

автор: Somya P

7 авг. 2020 г.

Thankyou for providing me with this opportunity to learn so much about the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. It is a wonderful course for all students interested in the field of finance and risk management. It provides valuable insights about the GFC.

автор: Leila Z

16 февр. 2017 г.

Highly recommend this course to people who interested in finance. It is an up to date course summaries the global reactions towards the crisis in 2008. Lots of valuable materials and data is available. Thanks to all the professors and staff working on it.

автор: Anuradha V

1 авг. 2019 г.

Excellent course! I thoroughly enjoyed the course content, which was accessible and insightful. The lecturers did a wonderful job in presenting various aspects of the financial crisis in a seamless manner. Highly recommend this course to future learners.

автор: Simon F

12 авг. 2018 г.

Instructors have prepared and organized course materials in a way that even learners with little knowledge in the field are able to follow. Please do spend time on the recommended readings that help paint a fuller picture of the 2008 financial crisis.

автор: marbaix

14 февр. 2018 г.

Très bon cours, clair et complet, bonnes références bibliographiques en complément. Le secrétaire du Trésor Timothy F. Geithner et le professeur Andrew Metrick ont de vrais talents de pédagogues pour rendre vivants des sujets parfois arides.

автор: Азимзаде А Д о

27 апр. 2020 г.

This course is really perfect. The course teaches all the intricacies of the Global Financial Crisis. Sometimes it was difficult but I learned a lot. I recommend it to everyone. You will learn a lot of knowledge from the course. Perfect.

автор: Donatas Š

21 сент. 2020 г.

An interesting course. The discussed topics are fit for people with various backgrounds, as it takes you through the basics into a complex and interlinked world of economics. The Lecturer seems an engaging, together with its co-host.

автор: James

24 окт. 2017 г.

I followed the course after reading Geithner's memoir "Stress Test". The course was instructive and useful; we understood further the origin of the global crisis and how it propagated. Thank you for making this course available.

автор: Violeta B

24 мая 2020 г.

This course gives great overview on types of research, its a mandatrory if you are in finance industry I will say. It was very effective and definitely I would be intrested in attending other classes in the same format.******

автор: Matthew A T

14 июня 2020 г.

Very comprehensive and shows significant numerical data on how significant the global financial crisis was on economies. A great course if one is looking to supplement his/her understanding of economic and financial policy.

автор: flighting

19 сент. 2019 г.

It was really helpful to understand the financial crisis over the world in 2008 and following events. Furthermore I got some ideas about how to treat my personal finance and how to deal with very dicey conditions.

автор: Lars A

24 мар. 2020 г.

Very enlightening compared to many popular documentaries as the course shows the whole and the parts to understand the inner workings of the Global Financial Crisis, not just one part that is blames as the cause.

автор: David S

17 мар. 2016 г.

I found this course to be an excellent historical and explanatory review of events around the Global Financial Crisis. The approach is evidence-based and the presentation of the material is extremely well done.

автор: Catharine

30 окт. 2016 г.

Great course that offers a comprehensive overview of the global financial crisis. Presenters were clear and easy-to-follow, with short questions after each lecture to ensure understanding. Highly recommended.

автор: Jing L

3 янв. 2016 г.

Excellent speakers with excellent organizations on course content. Could not wait for more courses from Prof Andrew.

However, is there any one who could help clear the questions raised in the forum? Thank you.