Week 2 - Module 4: Carrier Testing

From the course by Калифорнийский университет в Сан-Франциско
Genomic and Precision Medicine
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Калифорнийский университет в Сан-Франциско
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Week 2
This week, Drs. Nussbaum and Norton will describe the use of genomics in the reproductive setting: carrier testing, non-invasive prenatal screening, prenatal diagnosis of Mendelian diseases, and newborn screening.

Meet the Instructors

  • Jeanette McCarthy, MPH, PhD
    Jeanette McCarthy, MPH, PhD
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    UCSF Department of Medicine
  • Robert L. Nussbaum, MD
    Robert L. Nussbaum, MD
    Chief and Professor of Medicine
    Division of Genomic Medicine