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This course will cover the topics of a full year, two semester General Chemistry course. We will use a free on-line textbook, Concept Development Studies in Chemistry, available via Rice’s Connexions project. The fundamental concepts in the course will be introduced via the Concept Development Approach developed at Rice University. In this approach, we will develop the concepts you need to know from experimental observations and scientific reasoning rather than simply telling you the concepts and then asking you to simply memorize or apply them. So why use this approach? One reason is that most of us are inductive learners, meaning that we like to make specific observations and then generalize from there. Many of the most significant concepts in Chemistry are counter-intuitive. When we see where those concepts come from, we can more readily accept them, explain them, and apply them. A second reason is that scientific reasoning in general and Chemistry reasoning in particular are inductive processes. This Concept Development approach illustrates those reasoning processes. A third reason is that this is simply more interesting! The structure and reactions of matter are fascinating puzzles to be solved by observation and reasoning. It is more fun intellectually when we can solve those puzzles together, rather than simply have the answers to the riddles revealed at the outset. Recommended Background: The class can be taken by someone with no prior experience in chemistry. However, some prior familiarity with the basics of chemistry is desirable as we will cover some elements only briefly. For example, a prior high school chemistry class would be helpful. Suggested Readings: Readings will be assigned from the on-line textbook “Concept Development Studies in Chemistry”, available via Rice’s Connexions project. In addition, we will suggest readings from any of the standard textbooks in General Chemistry. A particularly good free on-line resource is Dickerson, Gray, and Haight, "Chemical Principles, 3rd Edition". Links to these two texts will be available in the Introduction module....

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Aug 29, 2015

If I'd had access to this material when I first failed freshman chemistry 40 years ago, I probably wouldn't have failed. Kudos to Dean Hutchinson for bringing us his innovative approach.


Oct 02, 2018

DEMAND\n\nI would inform you that i wish to receive my certificate according to general chemistry :concept development and application, then your feed back will rejoice more thank you.

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автор: dustin s

Oct 26, 2015

needs more questions and answers. maybe just a section for practice or somethin

автор: Johnny S

Dec 29, 2016


автор: Mark M

Mar 12, 2016

Most excellent course. Professor Hutchinson's presentation of chemistry made the learning experience valuable and enjoyable. The course is planned well and delivered in a most professional way. It's apparent that a lot of work went into creating this course. The use of the split screen is a good technique that fully engages the learner, and following the concept development concept throughout the lectures provides a solid foundation for moving from one concept to another.

The minor negatives are the pdf file of the CDS material didn't always present correctly (especially tables, a common problem converting Word to pdf) and some of the chapter numbers didn't match ... but these are minor glitches and did not detract from the course itself.

I can't say enough good things about this course. I kept thinking how great it would be to attend Rice University and attend Professor Hutchinson's classes. It's quite evident that he loves teaching and it shows in his lectures. I look forward to any future courses offered by Professor Hutchinson and Rice University.

автор: Deleted A

Oct 25, 2015


автор: Lord L A

Apr 14, 2018

excellent course. Gives basic concepts that one must learn.

автор: Alma D

Sep 08, 2017

Excellent challenge!

автор: Deleted A

Sep 10, 2017

Great course!! Very helpful and intresting method of study.

автор: Tripat S

Sep 18, 2016

The best course to grasp the fundamentals of chemistry

автор: Christophe S

Aug 31, 2015

Excellent course, pleasant to listen to. Definitely improved my understanding of chemistry.

автор: Jonathan L

Jan 25, 2016

The concept development approach is a much better way to learn!

автор: Julie

Aug 17, 2015

This course and the accompanying textbook explain chemistry in a very simple, ground up way that I was able to easily understand.

автор: David V G

Mar 17, 2016

I am enjoying the course. I appreciate the method the professor is using for the lectures. I am taking the course for the challenge of learning something new as I have not studied chemistry since my first year of college in 1958.

автор: Chen C

Sep 30, 2015

really helpful advice, completed content with acceptable depth

автор: VICTOR F Y A

Sep 13, 2015


автор: Martin T

Jan 25, 2016

This is my first experience of Coursera, although a have done many other MOOCs. This is an excellent course. I studied chemistry many years ago and was looking for a course to revise some of the topics. The subject matter is at just the right level: challenging but not intimidating. The lectures are well structured and presented, and the background reading material (provided free of charge) is excellent.

A brilliant first impression, both of Coursera and the host University (Rice).

автор: Marc H

Jun 15, 2017

The concept development method of learning was very effective. Thank you!

автор: Leonor P A J

Feb 28, 2017

muy bueno

автор: Bartolome M M

Nov 15, 2017

Good Teacher, good Metodology, recomendated 100%

автор: Yasuhiro K

Nov 01, 2018

This course is the best course of general chemistry. The lectures were a little tough, however, I think I got intuitive understanding on chemistry. I deeply thank Prof. Hutchinson for his passionate Lectures. (If some minor misprints in quizzes are corrected, this course is worth more than five stars!)


Mar 23, 2019


автор: Stéphane H

Mar 26, 2019

Very insightful course ... very well explained and progressive

автор: M.R.T.

Jun 17, 2019

Perfect MOOC

автор: Adrian R

Jun 21, 2019

I am using this as a review of General Chemistry to prepare for the MCAT and it is so helpful! The approach when I took it during class was very rote-memorization-heavy and I was worse off for it. Prof. Hutchinson lays things out in a very logical way and all the learning is based on key questions that a curious learner would likely find themselves asking; all the "why" questions you might have while learning Gen Chem are answered and not brushed off with a "just memorize it." It does probably help some that I was exposed to this material once already but I am retaining so much more than when I took this course in college or even than when I was going through the ExamKrackers MCAT Chemistry book. So much gratitude!

автор: KARTHIK K

Aug 20, 2019


автор: Alfonso O

Oct 10, 2019

Excellent refreshing class!