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Fundamentals of Network Communication, University of Colorado System

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In this course, we trace the evolution of networks and identify the key concepts and functions that form the basis for layered architecture. We introduce examples of protocols and services that are familiar to the students, and we explain how these services are supported by networks. Further, we explain fundamental concepts in digital communication, and focus on error control techniques that include parity check, polynomial code, and Internet checksum. Students will be required to have some previous programming experience in C-programming (C++/Java), some fundamental knowledge of computer organization and IT architecture and a background in computer science is a plus....

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автор: G

Mar 18, 2018

It is a great course. The chapters amazed me. It made me to decide learn socket programming. I know my network skills will be improved after finish this course.

автор: MN

Jan 09, 2018

Great course and assignments! Had fun learning and answering quizzes. Professor Zhou covered all the m=important points in his slides. Thank you again.

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автор: Ghulam Mujtaba

Nov 27, 2018

Nice place for learning

автор: Vadzim

Nov 17, 2018

The accent of this instructor is unbearable: you will not follow the content of the lectures , instead it will take you tons of effort to understand his pronunciation!

автор: yashas B S

Nov 01, 2018


автор: Kartik Rajeev Gupta

Oct 15, 2018

Very useful and very interesting course, helped me a lot in understanding the subject thoroughly.

автор: Adway Ujjwal

Oct 05, 2018

very elaborate course on networking

автор: 陈章敏

Oct 02, 2018

I think it provides me with useful skills

автор: Julian Michael Rice

Sep 05, 2018

Good presentations - the examples could be more fleshed out and I would prefer longer videos with more time spent explaining the content of the slide. A good introductory course though!

автор: Lucas Burson

Aug 28, 2018

This course contains content similar to the first few weeks of an undergraduate networking course (I had one ~7 years ago). The timelines are very relaxed and is easily completed in the 5 weeks. However, the content is DIFFICULT without a background in knowing how to study -- watch the lectures, read the slides, read the book, work through problems, and expand your mind. The lectures are top-notch and realize those alone, in any course EVER, are not enough to learn difficult content. The only downside is the lack of responses from anyone (including mods) on the discussion forums.

автор: Anand Prateek

Aug 19, 2018

supportive course

автор: Hesham Tohami Gamil Tohami

Aug 16, 2018

nice to enroll with this course