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"Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 2" builds off of knowledge and skills obtained in "Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 1" and is aimed at learners who are seeking to augment, expand, optimize, and increase the efficiency of their Excel spreadsheet skills by tapping into the powerful programming, automation, and customization capabilities available with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). In Part 2 of the course, learners will: 1) learn how to work with arrays and import/export arrays from/to Excel using VBA code; 2) learn how to work with text strings and write data to .txt files and import information from .txt files; 3) automate the import, modification, and consolidation of information from multiple worksheets into a central worksheet as well as the import of information from multiple workbooks to a central workbook; and 4) gain experience with creating professional user forms to interface with the user, perform advanced calculations, and manipulate data on the spreadsheet. Learners who have a foundational understanding of VBA code and programming structures can jump right into Part 2 of the course without taking Part 1 and use the screencasts in Part 1 as reference. Each module will introduce foundational and broad problems inspired by situations that you might encounter in the real world. To pass each module, you'll need to pass a mastery quiz and complete a problem solving assignment. This course is unique in that the weekly assignments are completed in-application (i.e., on your own computer in Excel), providing you with valuable hands-on training....

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Feb 26, 2019

Part 1 was great, but in part 2 i feel like i can now actually provide innovative solutions using VBA. It's a very well taught course that keeps you engaged through great quizzes and assignments.


Jun 07, 2020

This course is equally useful and is a must-have follow up if you have done Part 1. I have completed a number of projects at work successfully following these two courses. Highly recommended!

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автор: Moreno C

Apr 27, 2019

Another excellent course. As expected, part 2 was more demanding than part 1.

The assignments were challenging but feasible.

To gain the most from the course, I would recommend to work along with the instructor during the lectures in order to develop your own macros for future reference.

автор: Albert L

Jan 26, 2020

Completed this course in parallel with the 1st part. The content and the structure of both courses are amazing, and I can already feel the benefit at my workplace: the knowledge has allowed me to optimize some menial tasks which I previously used to avoid. Looking forward to Part 3!

автор: Elsayed A E

Mar 19, 2020

it is very important course but there are only two comments,first of all , i wished to see some information even a quick review for VBA class.second of i have met some problems related to course work ,i sent it in discussion forum but i have not received any information until now

автор: Teo Y Z

May 28, 2020

It's a great course by Professor Charlie Nuttelman! Part 2 dives into arrays and user forms, both of which are the foundations of many real-world applications. The video contents are well planned out. The quizzes and assignments definitely help to reinforce the concepts!

автор: Katherine C

May 06, 2020

This course is an excellent follow-on to Part I of this course. Part I covers the basics and really sets the foundation for the more complicated pieces of Part II. This course offers a wider range of skills that can be employed in a professional or academic setting.

автор: Dakshan R

May 12, 2020

However, the content is extremely useful for my work-related spreadsheets. I look forward to using these new skills to create very professional/advanced spreadsheets. Course could be a little more challenging! Thanks Dr. Nuttelman! Congrats on an excellent course

автор: Kunal K K

Apr 27, 2020

Yet again a very well-designed Part 2 of the course. It has provided the perfect balance between picking up new concepts and reinforcing the ones learned in Part 1. Thoroughly enjoyed taking all the quizzes and assignments. Thanks a lot Prof. Charlie!

автор: Yannick N K N

Feb 16, 2020

Excellent course, I decided to continue after I concluded Part I. Part II made me really love MS Excel. Would be better if there was some pdf files for learners support, but nevertheless the course quality and the teacher exceeded my expectations.

автор: Vaibhav A

Apr 12, 2020

Interesting course taught by an amazing teacher. There are various engineering examples covered as well which any science or engineering student can relate to. Picks up from Part 1, and has challenging assignments which are equally fun to solve!

автор: Breno F R L

Jan 11, 2019

An excelente course applied for VBA!

It's very usefull and easy to understand even the quizzes and assignments are very challenger. It's simple to apply in real life, just a little more practice to be good enough in practical and useful VBA code.

автор: Nicola S

Jan 30, 2019

I really enjoyed the course, thanks to clear screencasts and assignments which are both challenging and fun! Starting to work with user forms is exciting and opens up a whole lot of opportunities for using Excel/VBA. Looking forward to Part 3!

автор: Flore D

Apr 29, 2018

Great, great course after a very challenging star for me, working out the solution made my mind more analytical and focused on VBA coding. many, many thanks Charlie for this great course, your time and dedication. I will take specialization

автор: Anas

Aug 12, 2019

It's really an interesting and informative course to learn how to create User Form. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to be a professional in Excel. The way how the instructor illustrates the ideas is very clear and easy.

автор: Yingli W

Sep 01, 2018

The course is organized in a straightforward, user-friendly way. The assignment can reinforce the knowledge. Charlie, the professor, is also very willing to give a hand. Highly recommend this course if you are going to learn the VBA.

автор: Irakli B

Mar 20, 2020

An amazing course that taught me a lot in a short period of time. Suggest everyone who wants to learn VBA. However, Part 1 is crucial especially for beginners, to make through this part. Definitely going to take part 3 as well.

автор: Vinayak

Aug 07, 2018

Quality Screencasts, good delivery, improvements in terms of addition of starter files, no complains. Charles is a great instructor and his teaching is effective and comprehensive. Thanks for the course Coursera and Charles.

автор: Демина А А

Jul 25, 2019

This is a great course! Don’t hesitate to start it! You will benefit from a lot of useful methods and techniques. This course is sufficient to understand VBA. You will be able to introduce automation in your daily routine.

автор: David R V M

May 25, 2020

Amazing course. It gradually takes you to the next level where User Forms and Complex Workbooks problems are tackle! With it, I have now completed course 1 and 2. Definitely going for the last challeging Part 3.

автор: Juan M F M

Jul 21, 2019

Nuevamente el curso me sigue sorprendiendo. Con cada lección he aprendido un monto que ha ayudado en mi vida académica. Muchas gracias profesor Charlie, usted es increíble. Nos vemos en la parte 3 del curso :)

автор: RUI C

Dec 29, 2018

Part 2 is far more difficult than part 1 and you need to integrate what you learn before. I reviewed from time to time and use a lot of time to practice so I would not forget the code within short time.

автор: Moira C

Feb 26, 2019

Part 1 was great, but in part 2 i feel like i can now actually provide innovative solutions using VBA. It's a very well taught course that keeps you engaged through great quizzes and assignments.

автор: Ria K

Jun 20, 2020

Tough Course but definitely not impossible. Thank you Charlie for putting in so much efforts into this course. Part 3 ready and exited. Also, can you suggest any other platform to practice VBA?

автор: Igor S

Jun 07, 2020

This course is equally useful and is a must-have follow up if you have done Part 1. I have completed a number of projects at work successfully following these two courses. Highly recommended!

автор: MONTCHO H M

May 30, 2018

A great course with a great Instructor which gets more interesting one screencast after the other... I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to enhance his/her knowledge in Excel/Vba.

автор: Ronald d R

May 15, 2018

Not only am i extremely happy about the course material both in quality but in presentation , but also about the support provided by the profesor. Congrats. A very recommendable course.