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Content Strategy for Professionals: Ensuring Your Content's Impact, Северо-Западный университет

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In the fourth course of the Content Strategy Specialization - Ensuring Your Content's Impact - you will look at visual communication and the ways you can be more effective with your font choices, photography, and video. You'll also dive deeper into social communities to help you understand how these communities form and what you can do to build your role within them. The last module is pivotal for Content Strategists. It will help you to understand how best to measure your content to maximize its effectiveness relative to the time you commit to it. While this MOOC does share the theoretical elements of Content Strategy, there is a much greater emphasis on its application. Creating trend-worthy headlines and blogs, social media plans, digital measurement templates, video and photography content are all skills you will have in your toolkit by the end of the MOOC, ready to apply at your organization. And speaking of toolkits, we have included one that you can download and take back to work which includes the practical tips from the learnings in this course as well as the previous one on Expanding Your Content's Reach. Guest lecturers in this course include: -- Zach Wise, Associate Professor, Medill Northwestern -- Rich Gordon, Professor & Director of Digital Innovation, Medill, Northwestern -- Randy Hlavac, Lecturer, Medill, Northwestern (and lead professor of the Social Media Marketing Specialization also on Coursera)...

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автор: AR

Dec 13, 2017

Very useful information, hands-on practice. The pure theory was skipped and even after one week course you know what involves in hight quality pictures and videos.

автор: MT

Jul 14, 2016

The project for this course, as with all in the specialization, really emphasized the learning. The peer review did, too.

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автор: Craig

Dec 12, 2018

Great course, informative, relevant, easy to digest and applicable straight away.

автор: Andrew Tsao

May 10, 2018

Another valuable chapter in the five course series. Looking forward to completing the entire program.

автор: Saradwati Chatterjee

Mar 22, 2018

I absolutely enjoyed this course too. The content was very comprehensive and meaningful.

However, I would repeat one feedback for all these courses:

I would have preferred to have the Case Study in the third week instead of the second. Trying to complete the Case Study without completing the last few topics did not make sense to me.

If you can check and rectify that for future students it will be great!

Thanking You

Saradwati Chatterjee

автор: Armin Rocas

Dec 13, 2017

Very useful information, hands-on practice. The pure theory was skipped and even after one week course you know what involves in hight quality pictures and videos.

автор: Gerard

Oct 05, 2017

Excellent course!

автор: Dario Rampello

Jul 27, 2017

Again Relevant and Valuable contents. Thanks Professor Lavine and Professor Lee for this great opportunity.

автор: John Weiss

Feb 28, 2017

Presenters with deep multiple layers of experience and confidence in their value. Clarity of highlighting specific points for presentations of this length. Obvious each person could spend days speaking about these topics. Thank you.

автор: David Byer

Feb 22, 2017

Most of this course felt inconsequential, unhelpful, and not worth the money. I'd condense some of the commonsense aspects into other sections of the course and eliminate the 20-40 minutes of filler videos.

автор: J M

Jan 09, 2017

I took onus with a number of ideas/concepts offered, simply because they are either misrepresentative of SM or untrue. First, the the "prof" who talked about visuals OVERPLAYED the role of visuals online. The Internet began as a text communications vehicle, not a medium to share graphics (etc). The rise of video, images only grew as the technology evolved to allow easy distribution. Words are still key online--are there ANY websites major who do not use words? In fact, for many of the good ones, visuals take a secondary role to the actual written content. Second, the section about joining a community and then faking your way to gaining credibility by posing as a newbie etc--especially by marketers--is highly reviled by many SM communities. As an INFLUENCER who has been approached by many marketers in the past decade "to help them understand something" (etc) I can tell you, we do suss you out quickly and treat you appropriately. We are not here to provide free consulting to make you feel or look competent or knowledgeable (as we would for real members of a community). I contacted a friend who's an influencer in different communities to me, with what your "expert" suggested. He, too, was not happy with what was in this unit. If you want to know why marketers have a bad rep? It's because of bad advice given in webinars like this one. I am so glad I did not pay for this course.

автор: Olesia Altynbaeva

Dec 02, 2016

I got a solid foundation in Content Strategy and already see results in my work. The information I learned taking this MOOC helped me to come up with an insightful proposal at work! I am thankful for every minute I spent in this course.