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Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology is a 12-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of non-avian dinosaurs. Topics covered: anatomy, eating, locomotion, growth, environmental and behavioral adaptations, origins and extinction. Lessons are delivered from museums, fossil-preparation labs and dig sites. Estimated workload: 3-5 hrs/week....

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Apr 06, 2017

Thank you for this excellent course! I really enjoyed the short videos, the concise notes, and quick quizzes (both at the end of each lesson, as well as the main point quizzes throughout the videos).


Aug 10, 2020

The instructors' explanation are very clear and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in Paleontology or dinosaurs in general. I really had fun learning.

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автор: Benjamin M

Nov 07, 2019


автор: Freddie

Mar 10, 2017

love it.

автор: André R S y G

Jun 02, 2020


автор: Allan V C

May 20, 2019


автор: 戚兆禹

Aug 28, 2018


автор: Aonuma K

Aug 18, 2020


автор: Kyros T

Apr 05, 2020


автор: Albert

Dec 30, 2017


автор: Abin C T

Nov 27, 2019



Jul 25, 2020


автор: AMJITH S

Jun 17, 2020


автор: Mona A A

Jun 10, 2020


автор: RITWICK M

May 12, 2020


автор: Jocelyn L

Nov 12, 2017


автор: Brandon C

Apr 21, 2018


автор: Subhan A

Nov 20, 2017


автор: Meghan R

Sep 04, 2017


автор: Robert C D J

Jun 06, 2018

After completing this course, I still find it very interesting that the presenters and the chief paleontologist believe that the earth and her inhabitants are millions of years old. It's a bunch of nonsense. Especially the fact that evolution is a a theory and not scientific fact. Darwin refuted his own theory while on his death bed. Read is bibliography. Anyways, aside from the false science of evolution presented in this course, it was informative to a degree, a bit humorous, based on the assumption that birds came from dinosaurs (really?), and somewhat fulfilling. As a Christian who believes in biblical science which supports a young earth, I wold like to see both sides of evolution and creationism presented in future courses for this particular topic.

автор: Minka G

Aug 17, 2020

Well made course, very interesting. Besides giving an insight on what is known about dinosaurs, the way the knowledge is reached is also described. The material is really good overall, the videos as well as the reading. A lot of practical examples are shown, such as fossils.

I followed the entire course using x2 speed on the videos. The fossil viewer did not work for me. Besides, the last few weeks of content seemed less interesting, I think it might be due to a lack of variation throughout the course.

Overall, the course was really nice. I enjoyed learning more about my childhood fascination and recommended the course to two acquaintances.

автор: Ishaan K

Jun 09, 2017

Really enjoyed this course. It gave me a deeper insight into theories and characteristics surrounding dinosaurs and their existence, and at the same time, told me a great deal of new things about their classification, characteristics and evolutionary context. I liked the clarity with which facts were presented and the stress that was applied on the idea of hypotheses and their acceptance/rejection. It inspired me to think more scientifically about the world around us.

автор: Giacomina R D

Jun 09, 2020

The course material is interesting for amateurs who wants to have a better understanding of dinosaurs and the videos are well done and interesting.

However, at times I found the course notes to be written poorly (with repetitive, over-simplified language and some mistakes here and there) and the forums looks somewhat empty to me.

Thank you for the effort, I hope the course gets updated with new material i time!

автор: Janet W

Sep 04, 2018

Really 4 1/5 to 5 stars. The loss of stars is because of technological problems, notably the fossil viewer and geologic time viewers never worked no matter what device I used. I also think the latter chapters would have been better first. But the course itself is amazing and I plan to take all of Alberta's paleontology courses. Thank you so much for the course.

автор: Meg P

Nov 04, 2019

Really well made course that truly expands your knowledge on the subject. My only issue with it was that there were a lot of errors in the lessons in terms of typos and editing and booking exams was difficult because there didn't seem to be communication between people who run the course and the LAC because there weren't enough seats to book exams.

автор: John H

Mar 30, 2020

Good overview, unfortunately dated.

A great overview of paleobiology hosted by world famous Phil Currie, marred by broken links in the course readings. The course material is anywhere from 6-8 years old, in general, and paleobiology has been moving fast in the last decade, so some of the information is obsolete at this point. Recommended, overall.

автор: Dr A J P

Sep 06, 2019

I really enjoyed the course. There were no current participants in the forums, but I read them all and learned a bit from those, too. I especially liked Betsy's presentation and hope she gets a raise for her good work. This course is obviously a broad overview and a great place to begin for anyone interested in this line of study.