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Субтитры: Английский, Французский


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Логотип Высшая коммерческая школа HEC в Париже

Высшая коммерческая школа HEC в Париже

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курс входит в онлайн-программу ''MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship' от партнера Высшая коммерческая школа HEC в Париже. Если вы переходите на полную программу, курсы засчитываются при получении диплома.

Программа курса: что вы изучите

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Неделя 1

9 ч. на завершение

Module 1: Overall approach to Design Thinking

9 ч. на завершение
10 видео ((всего 80 мин.)), 9 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 6 тестов
10 видео
Introduction to our guest speakers4мин
Definitions of Design Thinking7мин
"Design" in Design Thinking11мин
Advanced Thinking Part I6мин
Advanced Thinking Part II7мин
Design Thinking in Practice4мин
The 3 phases of Design Thinking11мин
About Visualization and Storytelling5мин
Types of projects11мин
9 материалов для самостоятельного изучения
Course Syllabus15мин
Description: Module 12мин
Optional reading: Change by design5мин
The Insurance Example10мин
Additional Readings: Design thinking is intuitive thinking10мин
An overview of the Design Thinking Approach10мин
Exercise: Storyboarding and storytelling reflective
Additional Readings30мин
List of examples of projects suitable for a Design Thinking approach10мин
5 практических упражнений
Practice Quiz M1L230мин
Practice Quiz M1L330мин
Practice Quiz M1L430мин
Practice Quiz30мин
Graded Quiz Module 130мин

Неделя 2

11 ч. на завершение


11 ч. на завершение
9 видео ((всего 51 мин.)), 5 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 5 тестов
9 видео
The challenge definition and its scope Part 16мин
Challenge definition and its scope Part 24мин
What type of data?5мин
Value Analysis2мин
Qualitative and primary data collection9мин
Examples of Observation4мин
Observation in Practice Part I7мин
Observation in Practice Part II7мин
5 материалов для самостоятельного изучения
Module 2 Description15мин
Exercise: Step 1: Articulation of the problem and auto scoping
Exercise: Step 2: Data collection plan and effective collection
Additional Readings10мин
A guide to identify analogies?2мин
5 практических упражнений
HMW question15мин
Practice Quiz M2L130мин
Practice Quizz M2L230мин
Practice Quiz M2L330мин
Practice Quiz M2L430мин

Неделя 3

7 ч. на завершение


7 ч. на завершение
3 видео ((всего 22 мин.)), 6 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 4 тестов
3 видео
Insight Emergence7мин
Synthesis of the inspiration phase1мин
6 материалов для самостоятельного изучения
How to design personae?10мин
Examples of Personae and Journey maps10мин
How to identify extreme users10мин
Criteria for insights and the final HMW articulation10мин
Exercise: Final articulation HMW and the persona(s) you target
Additional readings: About insights10мин
3 практических упражнения
Practice Quiz M2BL530мин
Practice Quiz M2BL630мин
Graded Quiz Module 2A&2B30мин

Неделя 4

3 ч. на завершение


3 ч. на завершение
5 видео ((всего 33 мин.)), 2 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 3 тестов
5 видео
Ideation: rules for ideas generation7мин
Ideation: tips for ideas generation and fixation effect9мин
Ideation workshop at Paris Chamber of Commerce4мин
Concept development6мин
2 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Module Description10мин
How to present a concept?10мин
2 практических упражнения
Practice Quiz M3AL130мин
Practice Quiz M3AL230мин


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Специализация Управление инновациями и дизайн-мышление: общие сведения

Go beyond general management with structured models and techniques used by successful entrepreneurs and CEOs. You will learn how to drive innovation at any stage of business development — from developing an idea to leading a company. Taught by award-winning faculty from HEC Paris, one of Europe’s leading business schools, the curriculum provides structured models and techniques that teach you to be an innovator and change-maker in any industry. This Specialization is part of the HEC Paris MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. If you are admitted to the full program, your courses count towards your degree program....
Управление инновациями и дизайн-мышление

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  • Our pedagogical approach combines frameworks based on cutting-edge research in organizational behavioral, psychological and sociological theories, with evidence from cases and guest speakers. It mixes theory and practice: it shows the tools through projects therefore they are embedded in real situations as well as their foundations leading to their benefits and limits.

    You will practice the tools in your project individually and as a group. You will leverage the creative capacity of the group and you will have the opportunity to work with your peers and therefore challenge your understanding of the principles and the method learned.

    The course features several examples of design thinking projects from different sectors. The examples are taken from french multinational corporation leader in their sector.

    The ten guest speakers experienced in design thinking belong to a wide range of firms (Business to Business, Business to consumer, industry, services, etc.) and industries (aeronautics, automotive, food, services, design, consultancy, etc).

    The course leverages as well examples from international context known for its excellence in design thinking such as Ideo.

    Our goal is to make sure that you complete this course with the best understanding of what design thinking for innovation entails.

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