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By now you have definitely heard about data science and big data. In this one-week class, we will provide a crash course in what these terms mean and how they play a role in successful organizations. This class is for anyone who wants to learn what all the data science action is about, including those who will eventually need to manage data scientists. The goal is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible on data science without all the fluff. We've designed this course to be as convenient as possible without sacrificing any of the essentials. This is a focused course designed to rapidly get you up to speed on the field of data science. Our goal was to make this as convenient as possible for you without sacrificing any essential content. We've left the technical information aside so that you can focus on managing your team and moving it forward. After completing this course you will know. 1. How to describe the role data science plays in various contexts 2. How statistics, machine learning, and software engineering play a role in data science 3. How to describe the structure of a data science project 4. Know the key terms and tools used by data scientists 5. How to identify a successful and an unsuccessful data science project 3. The role of a data science manager Course cover image by r2hox. Creative Commons BY-SA:
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Aug 28, 2016

Is really hard to summarize the potential of Data Science and being clear, but I think that the instructors have done their best, so that we can achieve the most from the Course.\n\nGreat Job!


Sep 10, 2017

This is a great starter course for data science. My learning assessment is usually how well I can teach it to someone else. I know I have a better understanding now, than I did when I started.

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автор: Conrad K

Apr 09, 2018

The course was easy to get into. Little prior knowledge is required. I like that the teachers refer to external articles and papers, which allows to dig deeper into the field. Overall, I feel like I better understand the goals and challenges of data science. I expect from the next courses to be a bit more concrete and practical so that I can understand how to apply data science in context.

автор: Siti Z B K

Sep 04, 2020

Thank you for this course. I am interested in learning Data Analytics but am a total beginner with no relevant technical background or work experience. This course provided a bite-sized introduction to what Data Science is and presented the information in a clear, concise and easy to understand way. I am glad I enrolled in this course, thank you again!

автор: john m

Sep 12, 2020

Thanks for Causera (John Hopkins University) for changing my life by given me a Career. Thanks to the three instructors, Jeff Leek, Roger Peng and Brian Caffo these three professors are genius in develivering good lectures!! even if you don't want to understand you will understand. These Trainer are down to Earth in changing lives with Data Science.


Sep 28, 2018

This course given great insights various Data science tasks and Data science organization overview. I strongly recommend this course for all execution who is looking for kick start with DS. Watch this course with great passion and lot of interest as it may introduce you to topics from various practices i.e. Engineering & Statistical methods.

автор: Celine L C

Jun 17, 2017

Very accessible material for new to data science manager. I liked the structure of the class, the examples used to explain data science vs traditional statistical analysis. it does deserve the name of crash course as its is very complete and gives an overview of the definition. content, measurements, tool of a data science project. Thanks !

автор: Gregorio A A P

Sep 18, 2017

Perfect thanks , only that we would thank all the Spanish speakers who please translate into Spanish all their prestigious courses of indistinguishable quality. again thank you and I hope to take this in consideration so they will contribute even more to improving the quality of education in Latin America and South America.

автор: Hemal S

Oct 30, 2019

An excellent course for someone just starting out their career in Data Science or are an aspiring data science enthusiasts. The technical terms are easy to understand and presented in such a way that it provides good understanding of Data Science and it is applied in various industries to for business benefit

автор: Kathy C U

May 31, 2017

I took the course in college which is Introduction to Access Database. And, this Data Science Introduction Course gives me the idea that most company are already depending in computer and widely arranged database and servers. This course tells us what is the role of the technology in our industry today.

автор: TB

Sep 24, 2020

Great overview course on data science. I will take insights gleaned from course and readily apply on the job. Increases insight on machine learning, how to structure successful data science research, and introduces the key software tools you need to conduct data analysis and communicate your results.

автор: Ravindu F

Jun 18, 2020

This course is a great introduction to data science. It was very easy to understand, and gave a very good idea on what data science is, how statistics are used in data science, and tools & types of tools that can be used. This provided me necessary knowledge to pursue other intermediate courses.

автор: Francesco I

Jun 02, 2017

Very well done introductory course to Data Science. I really appreciated the explanatory lessons and the study material. I found the course very rewarding and entertaining. I learned new concepts and I warmly recommend this course to everyone interested in gaining more experience in this field

автор: madhav

Dec 08, 2015

As the name suggests, this is a Great kick start to understand what is data science. This course have given me a an insight into what is this big name Data Science is all about. As a Statistics graduate and a Software Implementer, I feel that my domain has taken a Thanks Brian, Jeff and Roger.

автор: Ayna M

Dec 12, 2017

This is my first Coursera course, it gave me a great overview of what data science is and isn't, what the differences are between the statistical modelling and machine learning, what a data science project looks like from start to finish, laid a nice foundation for the next course!


Aug 31, 2017

This is an excellent course to get a better understanding of the basics aspects of data science. With a balanced level of difficulty that keeps you learning and engaged across the course. I appreciate the use of real examples and additional readings suggestions, for me that made

автор: Katharina H

Dec 02, 2015

As a complete novice to the field I found this course really useful to get a concise overview and understand some of the trends in big data/ data science. I liked the way the lecturers highlighted that hype needed to be distinguished from what data science can really do for us.

автор: Morgan S

Dec 15, 2017

Excellent materials with engaging instruction. Exactly as expected. Crash course. Descriptive enough for basics to get you started and to familiarize a novice with the process.

Not a course that is meant to stump you, but teach you or refresh your knowledge of the basics.

автор: Ninad P

Feb 19, 2019

The instructors have provided a detailed account of what Data Science actually means, without having to actually dive into the minutiae. The course focuses on providing clarity about the field and helps you look beyond all the hype. All in all, great clarity, great focus.

автор: Chin C Y

Aug 13, 2019

This course gives me a glimpse of what Data Science is all about in a very short period of time. I have colleagues working in Data Science in my function and at least I know what they are doing and what is the purpose of doing all these Data Science functions! Thank you.

автор: Victor H D C

Jul 12, 2020

Bom curso para inciar na Ciência de Dados, ainda mais vindo da instituição John's Hopkins que é uma das lideres mundiais na área de medicina, com toda a certeza o que vou aprender nos próximos cursos e o que já aprendi aqui será usado no meu serviço e na vida acadêmica.

автор: Keuntae K

Feb 24, 2018

Great course! Although I am quite familiar with data science and statistical analysis, this course helped me improve my understandings of fundamental principles of why data science is important and how data science works in a very conceptual but comprehensive way.

автор: carol

Mar 16, 2016

I finished the course in just one evening. It is really quite and easy course into various aspects of data science. The biggest benefits for me is it provides many inspirations which helps me to decide which areas of Data Science I would like to learn more later.

автор: Matthew B L T

Feb 12, 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed working through this course in ONE day as a true "crash" course. Certainly helped get many ideas cemented in my mind about what DS is about and the structure and realities of running DS projects. Great materials, well laid out and structured.

автор: Manjunatha V M

Dec 23, 2016

Very good overview. Most basic vocabulary is nicely explained with examples.

Only one thing more could have been covered a bit more: Big Data and/vs Data Science. I am still wondering if there is 'any' difference between the two terms, what 'exactly' is it?

автор: Sebastien L

Jun 05, 2016

Although it was the first course to which I registered (makes it hard for me to rate and compare), I really enjoyed the lectures and found the information clear and concise! Can't wait to start the following courses related to Executive Data Science.

автор: Luis E C

Jan 07, 2016

Simple and to the point. I recommend this class to any data scientist or manager planning to supervise a data science team or plan projects based on data analysis. This class would make an excellent review for early PhD students in any science field.