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This is the third course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. As you continue to build on your understanding of the topics from the first two courses, you’ll also be introduced to new topics that will help you gain practical data analytics skills. You’ll learn how to use tools like spreadsheets and SQL to extract and make use of the right data for your objectives and how to organize and protect your data. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Find out how analysts decide which data to collect for analysis. - Learn about structured and unstructured data, data types, and data formats. - Discover how to identify different types of bias in data to help ensure data credibility. - Explore how analysts use spreadsheets and SQL with databases and data sets. - Examine open data and the relationship between and importance of data ethics and data privacy. - Gain an understanding of how to access databases and extract, filter, and sort the data they contain. - Learn the best practices for organizing data and keeping it secure....

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10 авг. 2022 г.

The lessons were easy to follow through and the explanantions were easy to understand. The hands-on practices also helped improve hands-on skills with the data analysis tools introduced in this course


4 июля 2021 г.

Thank you for the course! It's a nice introduction to SQL and Google Big Query as well as the concepts of data privacy and security. The course also offers some great tips for professional networking.

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автор: Trang N

25 июня 2022 г.

Thank The Google Team, and Thank Cousera for the useful course. I have learned a lot from this course: theory to practice. Especially, in the last lecture, they gave many useful sources for studying, practicing, and connecting with reality outside of the course. Once again, Thank you so much for your contribution.

автор: Luis S

15 мар. 2022 г.

The course is very complete, always with real examples, which help you see what solutions are possible while you learn new concepts, this trains you as a Data Analyst.

For me, the most valuable thing is seeing how the company's staff directly explains everything step by step through examples of their working life.

автор: Tianren C

6 янв. 2022 г.

That's amazing, I can't believed it those useful software that can help me to open my eyes about data world. Such as, Kaggle, Bigquery, and SQL. Those skills can help to better understand what is data? and how to used SQL to answer my questions. Therefore, studying at Google is the best decision I have ever made.

автор: Abhinay D

25 июня 2021 г.

It was very informative course, learnt so many important skills like Explain factors to consider when making decisions about data collection Discuss the difference between biased and unbiased data Describe databases with references to their functions and components Describe best practices for organizing data

автор: Eber E G C

22 сент. 2022 г.

This is the first data analysis certification that I take to improve my professional profile. I hadn't been involved with data software before, so I was impressed by the "Hands-On Guided Project: Select a New City with BigQuery" activity. I think that the whole certification continues to have a good rhythm.

автор: Luis G

16 янв. 2022 г.

This certificate is getting better and better, getting acquainted with topics even more specialized and that are part of the lingo of Data Analysts, makes feel I'm one step closer to the goal, understanding data types, structures, data models, data ethics, a brief introduction to SQL, is just amazing.

автор: Eduardo A S

10 мая 2022 г.

Direct and very well put together. It allows students to digest the content and put into practice the fundamental principles taught in this module. The instructors deliver the material in a very engaging manner thus making the learning material very enjoyable. It could not have been better presented.

автор: Mohammad k H

9 сент. 2021 г.

The contents of this course was fantastic as before. I love it. Furthermore, the optional engaging in the data community on week 5 consists of lots of very useful communities that can be used in order to improve our skills. I appreciate google and Coursera to let me to participate in this course.

автор: Asim B T

6 нояб. 2021 г.

Engaging content and excellent delivery!

The difficulty level is easy (if you have been involved in spreadsheet analytics). My advice, if the content is familiar, it's efficient to go directly to course challenges and then go for the content to focus on areas which you believe you need to work on.

автор: Phương N

22 сент. 2022 г.

This course helps me gain the overview of data types and structures, data ethics and privacy, how to work with databases with spreadsheets and some basic sql examples, how to organize and protect our data as well as join in the community of data science. Kudos to the lecturers and mentors ^^.

автор: imran s

6 июня 2021 г.

Course content is very good it covers all the aspects of the preparation of data while data analysis. Course is designed in a very interactive way which keeps learns curious about next learning an its quiz and assignments are very much helpful to check the understanding of the course.

автор: Matthew H

8 окт. 2021 г.

This course was a great introduction to data ethics, spreadsheets, and SQL. I feel as though I am properly being prepared for a career pivot into the world of data. I hope that many others get to experience this course, because even the optional course was worth the time and money!

автор: Daniel R

29 июля 2022 г.

The course itself is excellent. I made a mistake by skipping the 3rd module and going straight from 2 to 4. I still do not understand how. And for that reason module 4 was difficult for me. You could not explain better all issues. I'm happy for my decision of taking this course!

автор: PAKOLU G G

6 февр. 2022 г.

It's a nice introduction to SQL and Google Big Query as well as the concepts of data privacy and security. The course also offers some great tips for professional networking. Amazing teacher! I have learned so much in this process that even my way to think data has changed a lot.

автор: Andrew T

29 сент. 2022 г.

This was probley one of the most core and infomative courses thats apart of the data analytics field. I loved everything form the data vocabulary to getting more in debth with SQL. I still have alot to learn but I just want to say tha Google really did 'A+" work on this course

автор: sina

13 дек. 2022 г.

I learn on this course how prepare data for analyzing, data formats, data models, structured and unstructured data,how filtering data what to need in spreadsheets and how to prepare query for requesting data in end how communicate with other people and making effective network

автор: Waqar A S

14 авг. 2022 г.

This course laid the basic foundation of databases and bigquery, which is very important for my role as a data analyst. The instructor was engaging and her presentation style kept me going without much effort. Kudos for designing the course in a professional and effective way.

автор: Guilherme P

18 сент. 2021 г.

By far the best course of all, the instructor made every part of the process cristal clear and i learned so much, thanks for having someone like her doing this, it was shor and direct when needed and detailed when necessary, great work and the content in itself was great too.

автор: Mostafa H A H

21 нояб. 2022 г.

This one of the most course which makes me curious and interested to complete this course there are points : 1- Teachers are helpful and have positive energy 2- the content is amazing 3- the quizzes are interested

i will finish this course in 2 weeks by the volition of AllAh

автор: WaveNation _

14 апр. 2022 г.

Everything was expalined in away that was understanble, and smooth. While also constantly being congaudulated for my accomplishments, and by telling certain jokes that relate to what I'm learning I was able to be entertained while I learn, which always helps me learn better.

автор: ChiaoWen Y

29 июля 2021 г.

Not only teach data analysis skills, but also provide us lots of resources about how to manage our profile, use community to connect or learned from people who are in the same field, tips which are trying to make our becoming-a -data-analyst-path more smoothly. Thank you.

автор: Sensaki

4 янв. 2023 г.

Excellent course on getting your hand on data analytics! The preparation of data is just as important as the actual analysis itself. It is nice to learn the principles and strategies for data cleansing so that the analysis can be built upon a solid, meaningful structure.

автор: Sam C

15 окт. 2022 г.

The course is easy to follow and love the simplicity of videos, reading and challenges. All easy to digest and understand as a beginner. Great content for learning, practice and real work expectations on a career course. The instructors are fantastic at what they do!

автор: Jasmine S

18 окт. 2021 г.

As a beginner, I would recommend this course because you gain some hands-on experience with writing basic queries, which I found both challenging and fun. After writing basic queries, it allows you to run to find what criteria you are looking for within the database.

автор: Nguyen N H

4 июля 2021 г.

Overall, Prepare Data for Exploration is a great course. Thank you for the fundamental sharings about data-related knowledge from the dedicated instructor. The tools and skills mentioned in this course are helpful to me to become a data analytics in the near future.