Автор:   Университет штата Пенсильвания

  • Dr. Kathryn W. Jablokow

    Преподаватели:    Dr. Kathryn W. Jablokow, Associate Professor

    Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Design

  • Dr. Darrell Velegol

    Преподаватели:    Dr. Darrell Velegol, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering

    Department of Chemical Engineering

  • Dr. Jack V. Matson

    Преподаватели:    Dr. Jack V. Matson, Professor Emeritus

    Department of Enviromental Engineering

  • Elizabeth Kisenwether

    Преподаватели:    Elizabeth Kisenwether, Assistant Professor

    Engineering Design

  • John Bellanti

    Преподаватели:    John Bellanti, Dr.

  • Dr. Armend Tahirsylaj

    Преподаватели:    Dr. Armend Tahirsylaj

CommitmentРесурсы: 3-5 часов в неделю.
English, Subtitles: Chinese (Simplified)
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Задания курса

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Университет штата Пенсильвания
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muy buen curso! Recomendado

This course really helps you look at creativity in a different way, it is very empowering but for this course to be successful you must apply what you have learned everyday, its practice otherwise the teachings will not be complete.

Super cool course with interesting tasks and outstanding lecturers. Keep the good work!

Very wonderful and useful course. It did inspire,encourage and change me a lot. I am very excited and grateful to watch every vedio and read every comment ,sharing and reply from my peers and nice teachers. It may help people to create new miracles in this world. Thank you. from Junfeng,Xu shenzhen, china