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This course will teach you how to build convolutional neural networks and apply it to image data. Thanks to deep learning, computer vision is working far better than just two years ago, and this is enabling numerous exciting applications ranging from safe autonomous driving, to accurate face recognition, to automatic reading of radiology images. You will: - Understand how to build a convolutional neural network, including recent variations such as residual networks. - Know how to apply convolutional networks to visual detection and recognition tasks. - Know to use neural style transfer to generate art. - Be able to apply these algorithms to a variety of image, video, and other 2D or 3D data. This is the fourth course of the Deep Learning Specialization....

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Sep 02, 2019

This is very intensive and wonderful course on CNN. No other course in the MOOC world can be compared to this course's capability of simplifying complex concepts and visualizing them to get intuition.


Jan 13, 2019

Great course for kickoff into the world of CNN's. Gives a nice overview of existing architectures and certain applications of CNN's as well as giving some solid background in how they work internally.

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автор: Matthew J

Jul 03, 2019

A good introduction to CNN's if you haven't seen them before. Strong on concepts and motivations. Kinda vague on mathematical details and implementations.

автор: Preethi G

May 06, 2018

The course structure is really good. But please do fix the bugs in the assignments. Thanks to the discussion forum, it helped me a lot in fixing the bugs.

автор: Sudipto C

Jan 01, 2018

Excellent content delivered very honestly by Prof. Andrew Ng. The course has some broken grader issues which need to be fixed to make this course awesome.

автор: Jonatan K

Jan 06, 2020

explained very well

very interesting with andrew

the main problem with this course is bug fixing on assignments.. i lost alot of hours just because of this

автор: kenji m

Sep 13, 2019

the last programming assingment has a lot of bugs as of 9/13/19 and was verry difficult to pass even though the actual code was very simple ti implement.

автор: Ameya G

Dec 21, 2017

Course content was good and well structured. Some videos still need editing and grader for 2 assignments is faulty. Otherwise a very interesting course.

автор: Nazmus s

Aug 04, 2019

ipython notebook fails often. It was a frustrating experience. There are many bugs to be fixed to run the homework problem submission process smoothly.

автор: itay k

Dec 21, 2017

A great course! I would have gladly given it 5 stars, but currently, the assignment of week four have bugs and the notebooks tend to stuck or run slow.

автор: Venkat K

Dec 06, 2017

A bit dense and fast-paced even for Prof Ng's usual standards - this course is drinking from a firehose, but a great hands-on introduction to ConvNets

автор: Nitish S

Nov 07, 2019

Could have a better explanation of TensorFlow graphs in the assignments. The course is still very good and provides a solid conceptual understanding.

автор: Frank H

Dec 17, 2017

Very interesting topics were covered in a quite comprehensive way. Only useful packages like Tensorflow and Keras were introduced only superficially.

автор: Erik P

Nov 27, 2017

Another wonderful course by the team, even with a few bumps this is one of the best introductions to what the heck a convolutional neural network is!

автор: Pablo M P

Aug 25, 2019

I learnt many interesting ideas about convolutional networks, however, the course needs to be checked by the staff. There are many bugs in the code!

автор: Jarosław D

May 19, 2018

Programming challenges in this course were less practical than in previous ones, and instructions sometimes a bit vague. Still recommend it, though.

автор: Ernst H

Aug 05, 2019

Very good course. The assignments are too easy and I would be able to complete them without understanding the course material or what I am coding.

автор: Nitish K

Apr 21, 2018

Neural Transfer and Object Identification (YOLO) was not explained very well. I had to look out for external videos on Yoututbe to understand YOLO.

автор: Meriem S

Dec 03, 2017

CNN is not only used for image processing. It can be used in other fields. I hope so we can find other case study than image processing. thank you

автор: Wu Y

Jan 07, 2019

Week 3 has a bad grading system for the programming assignment. The exact "0" blocked many time, and waste efforts. Otherwise, the course is good.

автор: Jk L

Dec 17, 2017

It would be better if some gpus were provided, or the experiments of style transfer were a little painful. Anyway, the course itself is wonderful!

автор: Suchitha L D

May 26, 2020

Good content but the labs should be upgraded to Tensorflow 2. Some quiz questions are bit vague and feedback isn't helpful to understand mistakes

автор: mahdichalaki

May 26, 2020

Some videos are not carefully edited and there the teacher repeats some sentences.

But overall, the materials and of course Andrew Ng are perfect.

автор: Arturo M R

Aug 29, 2018

Assignments are not always consolidating acquired knowlegde, due to the distance between implementation from scratch and using predefined models.

автор: Michalis F

Feb 16, 2018

Very nice course.

assignments are very high level though and just help in giving a taste of convolutional neural networks.

lecture notes are great

автор: Roberto J

Nov 21, 2017

A bit buggy some of the exercises, some of the videos and some of the course notes, but the material is excellent and the learning is invaluable.

автор: Galley D

Dec 02, 2017

Amazing course that breaks down the complexity of CNN

Some assignment have issues yet the forum displays significant resources to help solve them