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Managing Employee Compensation, University of Minnesota

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How do I pay employees? And how do I get paid? This course covers how to pay employees. We begin by asking: "What kind of a person do I need to attract, retain, and motivate for my business to succeed?" From here, we'll explain how to translate that pay strategy into the pay mix: the salary structure, short-term incentives, long-term incentives, and benefits that are aligned to your business objectives. Interested in learning more about the technical aspects of compensation, but don't know where to begin? We'll give an overview of key the key technical skills: compliance with pay regulations, understanding stock options, shopping for health insurance and pension providers, and designing incentive plans. Lastly, we'll discuss non-monetary methods of motivating employees. If you're interested in learning how to pay employees, or learning where your paycheck comes from, this course is for you!...

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автор: AF

Jun 30, 2016

This course gave me the overview on compensation and benefits I was looking for. The professor explanations are clear and well detailed. I recommend this class for anyone interested on the topic.

автор: PV

Apr 10, 2017

This course has helped me to understand various aspects of compensation management it is a very great course and it provides very good insights about the topics related to compensation.

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автор: Desislava Kaloyanova

Dec 15, 2018

Supper interesting, engaging and useful

автор: Abubakar Ahmed Ndakene

Dec 11, 2018

Thank you, University of Minnesota

автор: Rebekah Neely

Nov 26, 2018

This course was very technical in terms of compensation analysis, and offered information I've never received from any other HR college course. This is a very important subject in recruitment and retention. The methods in this course were organized well with plenty of detail to support ideas.

автор: Deanna Warren

Nov 25, 2018

Thank you so much!!!


Oct 29, 2018

Very useful learned how compensation system works in an organization.

автор: Wrennecia Thomas

Oct 26, 2018

Very educational and informative course which works in collaboration with the others. Great professor as well who made it easy to understand.

автор: Theocharis-Alexandros Karathymios

Oct 14, 2018


автор: Pamela Way

Sep 12, 2018

This was a tough but well taught course

автор: Lorena Navarrete

Sep 11, 2018

It was very helpful, I really enjoy the process. I wish Mike Davis had participated more along the course.

автор: Irineo II Jaylo Ocaña

Sep 09, 2018

Very useful