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Drawing on the contributions of several academic disciplines including law, psychology, sociology, history, educational and health sciences, economy and anthropology, an interdisciplinary approach guides the student into a selection of critical issues concerning children’s rights. Participants will gain insight relative to the development of this specific human rights category, as well as to the evolution of the challenges faced by children over time and society’s efforts to respond. Successful international strategies and programs promoting children’s rights will be highlighted, as well as the role of key actors involved in international organizations working in this field. This open online course provides an overview of the most important features of children’s human rights. A central portion of the MOOC will consist of a presentation of the international and regional standards on children’s rights and the related international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies designed to ensure their implementation. No prerequisites or specific background is required to register for this MOOC. The course is conceived as an introductory level program, but participants, who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of children’s rights, or already have some prior knowledge, will have access to additional reading material on a weekly basis. Participants who successfully complete the class activities and final assessment may request for a paid certificate of accomplishment signed by the Instructor and the main professors responsible for the program. However, no credits are awarded. The course consists of seven topical modules distributed on 4 weeks. English is the only language of instruction....

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24 февр. 2020 г.

Truly interdisciplinary course with rich content, and reasonable depth, based upon team work of faculty. I am even recommend my 15 year child to study it and know about her responsibilities and rights


30 янв. 2019 г.

I strongly recommend this for people who are passionately working among children across the globe. This is the need of the hour! Let's educate ourselves and serve the best for our children. Cheers!

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автор: Margaret B

12 сент. 2017 г.


автор: Julianne R

3 апр. 2018 г.

As mentioned in the course's title, it is an introductory course on children's human rights. As such, it can be a very useful resource for a beginner. Whilst I am not a complete beginner, I did learn about the issue and familiarised myself more with children's rights. After completing the course, I am interested in learning more and digging more into some of the issues that were discussed - in that, the course has definitely delivered.

However, the course would gain from some improvements:

First, as a non-native English speaker, I understand the difficulty of teaching a course in English - however, almost all lecturers were reading their notes and had a strong accent. This killed the dynamic of each lecture. In addition, the transcripts of all videos, including those of interventions made by native English speakers, were full of mistakes (for example, "treaty body" was transcribed as "tricky body", "NGO" as "Ango", and so on). In my view, it would have been more accurate and dynamic if the lectures had been taught in each speaker's native language, with subtitles in English.

Second, the forum, which could be an incredible platform allowing students from all over the world and lecturers to share their experiences and exchange ideas, is left practically unused. Students asked legitimate and interesting questions, both on the substance and logistics (such a technical problems with weekly quiz), most of which were left unanswered by lecturers. In my view, an effort should be made to ensure that the forum is active and that questions are answered.

Third and last, some of the resources supposedly available to students were not, either because access was restricted to paid subscription only or because links do not work. It would be great if all links are checked and all resources are shared. In addition, suggestions for further reading and/or courses would be useful once the course is completed.

All in all, I have paid for the certificate (prior to starting the course). However, whilst I am happy to have one now, I do not think that the level of the course is worth paying for it without correcting the issues I mentioned above.

автор: Max E

12 авг. 2020 г.

This course have provided information that I will for certain use in my career. I am a little worried that the content has not been updated for a few years and all videos might not give relevant information anymore. I would also like the instructors to add material on how children are affected by the pandemic (COVID-19).

The videos could have been done in a better way, for example by having the instructors actually look into the camera instead of focusing on their script/notes and have more illustrations (or at least something else to look at besides their faces).

Overall I'm glad I took this course but as I have already mentioned, it needs some updates and improvements.

автор: Iryna G

16 июня 2017 г.

Overall the course is very informative. However it has a few strong weakness that impact the learning process, which I would like to point out. First of all, due to some heavy accents of the lecturers it is not always understandable what is being said, while the transcripts and subtitles are not proof read, their text contain errors and unrelated words. Secondly some tests contained confusing questions, which were not directly covered by the learning materials. Thirdly, the lack of interactive learning makes the process of learning a bit dull. I am sure there are many interesting video and interactive materials on the covered topics.

автор: Ana-Maria A

1 нояб. 2017 г.

I think the course was focused to much on aspects relating to the history of the Convention of the Rights of the Children and less on the actual subject. The transcripts had some errors, although these would have been very useful as the teachers are not native English speakers. It did not motivate me to pay for the Certificate.

However, the presentations with the actual subject (human children rights) had been interesting and I learned new things during this course. Other courses relating to aspects concerning children (custody, international kidnapping, single parent family, etc) would be very useful and interesting.

автор: Serena P

10 апр. 2017 г.

I was slightly disappointed by the course: too much information was given and not always in a clear way. In particular, sometimes the sessions were jumping from one discipline to another with not much explanation and this was confusing. Also, the information provided was in huge amounts but not in details. I expected to get more detailed information on children's rights while sometimes the presentations were only very general overviews.

автор: Janmejay G

28 мая 2020 г.

I strongly recommend this for people who are passionately working among children across the globe. This is the need of the hour! The course itself is helpful because it gives you an understanding of the issues with Children's rights. However, I put only three stars due to some technical issues I faced during the course and also because some of the links for reading materials are not updated and I could not open them.

автор: Fiona V C

25 июня 2017 г.

The transcripts are automated and aren't proof read, therefore don't make sense at times which makes it difficult for those struggling with the accents of the lecturers - which can be very hard to understand. They also talk very very fast at times which is again hard to understand when they're accents are strong and their English imperfect.

автор: Charvi A

27 июня 2020 г.

Informative about the UNCRC and it's history. Does mention various issues children face (mostly in the global south, with the exception of juvenile justice) and gives a very basic overview. Lacks critical engagement with the UNCRC, as it does not mention the possible issues with the list of rights and the universalism that they entail.

автор: Cleo w

19 февр. 2017 г.

Good basic coverage on children's fundamental rights. The course could have benefitted from assignments being more consistently accurate to lessons as there are some gaps. The last module I found the most interesting as it covers challenges to child rights in real time cultural/social dilemmas.

автор: Chrysanthi L

6 янв. 2021 г.

It was an interesting topic and I learned a lot of things but I thought it was a bit repetitive at times and the English level of the Professors really made it difficult and tiring for me to understand the content.

автор: Ranjan K P

4 авг. 2020 г.

Its a good course for the beginners. But for Practitioners some tools to ensure child participation may be discussed,. The topic on child and forced marriage should be covered.

автор: Adele G

4 апр. 2019 г.

Interesting content but could be made more interactive and varied with more optional readings. Some of the questions on the quiz were not well formulated either.

автор: Elene S

6 февр. 2019 г.

Lack of reading material. Quizzes were too easy to pass. It would make me do more effort if anytime I failed the quiz, there were new questions.

автор: SENOU W

24 янв. 2019 г.

j'avais fait des cours sur les droits des enfants mais ce cours m'a vraiment apporté une plus félicitations et merci de «démocratiser» le savoir

автор: Miguel A C G

27 февр. 2020 г.

El curso es muy bueno, pero desafortunadamente no se le llega a entender a los maestros que lo imparten, además que suele ser muy tedioso.

автор: Marietta W

14 сент. 2020 г.

The translation for some of the modules were really hard to understand. Also some of the quizzes, were extremely hard

автор: Rhitik P

5 июня 2020 г.

the courses is very intresting ,it give lot's of information about child rights and human rights

автор: Chitwale K

8 окт. 2019 г.

Great Course. I would recommend it to anyone doing development studies.

автор: Allison B

5 июня 2017 г.

The audio was very bad at points

автор: Roslyn T

9 февр. 2017 г.

The content of the course so far is interesting - and to be fair, I've only completed the first week of this course.

Unfortunately, the combination of multiple lecturers within one part of a lesson (often with highly varying accents, reading verbatim from lecture notes) makes the presentation of the course material come off as very stiff, over-directed, and hard to understand. It's hard to adapt to the idiosyncrasies and lecturing style of a new person in a four minute video, at which point you get a whole new lecturer and have to start the process over again.

A maximum of two or three lecturers for the entirety of the course (perhaps with the occasional guest speaker) would be helpful. Also, either allowing the them to deliver the course material in their native languages with English subtitles, or perhaps having them record the course material in English in something similar to a classroom environment where they're accustomed to lecturing, would make things infinitely easier to follow.

This 'too many cooks in the kitchen' issue is what I also suspect happened with the week one quiz. I do not know who generates the quiz questions but they seemed to require a lot of mental gymnastics for a multiple choice quiz. Perhaps on my end there could be a cultural misunderstanding in how a quiz checks your knowledge of the source material? Let me put it this way: in my previous university studies, I have never taken a multiple choice quiz where the question starts as 'In your opinion...'

Sadly, I will probably drop this class - but the course has sparked enough of an interest where I will probably be picking up some books or doing some informal research on my own about this topic.

автор: Ananya

28 авг. 2020 г.

The questions asked were not conceptual but rather focused on stray facts. Some of the lectures were very good. However, some of the discussions were not nuanced enough. Even as an introductory course, a concerted effort to introduce some of the debates and controversies should have been taken, which was absent in many of the lectures.

автор: Kristof S

27 февр. 2017 г.

Although very interesting and very innovative in its presentation I had the feeling this course was an introduction to the Master program at the UNIGE, rather than a stand alone course. At times it was difficult to comprehend the speakers. I would have preferred deepening of one aspect of this topic rather than such a broad approach.

автор: Tina L

2 мар. 2021 г.

This course is difficult to understand with the language barriers. Slowing down the speed helps a lot, however when it comes to the Tests, awful! i have sent many requests to fix no such luch so for that reason I am dropping the course. I do hope this problem resolves and the class and tests are better prepared for future students.

автор: Augusto A V O

17 июля 2020 г.

He realizado el examen del curso demasiadas veces y hasta hice un experimento con las preguntas, y hay algo malo, ya que ninguna de ellas debe de ser la correcta. Se cuáles son las respuestas, ya que he leido y he leído el material demasiadas veces, pero no subo la puntuación, por lo tanto prefiero abandonarlo.