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О курсе

This course is designed to cover subjects in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. This course is a precursor to the Advanced Chemistry Coursera course. Areas that are covered include atomic structure, periodic trends, compounds, reactions and stoichiometry, bonding, and thermochemistry....

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26 нояб. 2020 г.

This is a great course. The primary feature is the number of worked and practice problems. Instead of memorizing, one learns by doing. Short of being in the lab, this is the next best thing.


23 июля 2016 г.

This is a great course. The primary feature is the number of worked and practice problems. Instead of memorizing, one learns by doing. Short of being in the lab, this is the next best thing.

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автор: wissal

28 дек. 2017 г.

the is amazing

автор: Shahid I

13 янв. 2019 г.

good course

автор: RENATO B M

26 мая 2020 г.

good topic

автор: Aso I

18 мая 2020 г.

very good

автор: Gohil V G

2 авг. 2020 г.


автор: Jeevanantham

22 июля 2017 г.


автор: Pooja D

13 нояб. 2019 г.


автор: Raisul M S

26 мая 2020 г.


автор: chittem v v k y

18 мая 2020 г.


автор: Rajdeep S D

2 нояб. 2016 г.


автор: Dave H

30 авг. 2017 г.

Good to have a lot of practice problems to help gain familiarity with some of the concepts.

Course notes would be more useful if they included at least *all* of the slide material (rather than only some part of each slide). There are also a large number of errors, both in the narrative, in the slides, and in the practice problems, which ought to be corrected.

Some concepts were never clearly explained, especially work done in compressing a gas at a given temperature and pressure (they can't both be held constant during compression! -- not clear).

автор: Daniel I

9 апр. 2017 г.

Good course, I enjoyed learning chemistry! However, the pdf slides could be much better made, since most of them are empty, and the errors in the quiz should be corrected

автор: M K

3 дек. 2018 г.

Professor is very knowledgeable. Possibly needs a slower approach to instruction

Very difficult course and I am not even done with week 1

автор: Yun G

26 мар. 2020 г.

Very basic chemistry. Good teacher but a little too simple.

автор: Ash W

30 мар. 2020 г.

This is advertised as a high-school course, but the material covered is college level.

автор: KOLA V S

22 июля 2020 г.

It's a useful course. But I didn't get certificate. What I do??

автор: Michal A S

15 сент. 2020 г.

I am sorry to write this but I never found the worst course than this one: exercises are wrong, several mistakes during the explanations, full of errata-corrige in discussions. Worst of all, a tutor saying "I don't know why it's like this" about easy questions that she should know!

It is impossible to follow a course developed and structured this way. I am sorry, but I definitely do not recommend it. If your university course is based on multiple-choice tests that you have to check out multiple times to spot mistakes in them, then yes, you might find it useful. If you are looking for a real and serious Chemistry course, then definitely don't enroll on this one.

If I could give 0 starts, then I would give 0 for sure!

автор: FAIZAN A

28 мая 2020 г.

Too lengthy. Its very very time consuming. This course must be short and teacher must be able to deliver these details in small videos.


30 июня 2020 г.

No certificate provided. Im so excited and answer to the highest effort but in the end no certificate. So sad😔

автор: Maria C

16 февр. 2020 г.

Seria muy bueno si los videos, y toda la demas informacion estuviera en español.

автор: Jangamsetty S

4 мая 2020 г.

We don't get a certificate after completion of this course

автор: SHIVAM R

26 мая 2020 г.

I did not get my certificate on completion of the course

автор: Christos A

29 нояб. 2020 г.

No certificate.

автор: Ourhay S

20 сент. 2021 г.

This class is taught so well! I have deep gratitude for the time and effort put into this chemistry course. Here you have the type of professor that understands and has internalized when and where students get confused to then teaches accordingly- on top of that, a natural gift for teaching. University of Kentucky: you are SO LUCKY to have this level of professorship. And it is a gift to humanity that it is available online.

Please do O-Chem. My hot tip: if you do all the pre-requisite courses for the MCAT, I promise you'll soon have a flock of students from all over for many years to come. I have never understood these chemistry topics as well as I do now.

Thanks also to the IT people at UofK that put this together.

Don't worry I will write this up in my official review as well. ALSO how cool was that Thermite experiment?!?!

I am looking forward to the Advanced Chemistry course. Thanks again.

автор: Ivan Z

24 янв. 2021 г.

Absolutely wonderful course with the best professors! Before, all of my chemistry learning experience used to be a disaster. After this course, I now feel like I know a lot of chemistry and I feel like I really learned and understood the subject. The course is well designed and one is guided through problem solving which makes one really learn the matter. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the basics of chemistry, and also to those who may want to refresh or better understand the subject.