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Business Statistics and Analysis Capstone, Университет Райса

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The Business Statistics and Analysis Capstone is an opportunity to apply various skills developed across the four courses in the specialization to a real life data. The Capstone, in collaboration with an industry partner uses publicly available ‘Housing Data’ to pose various questions typically a client would pose to a data analyst. Your job is to do the relevant statistical analysis and report your findings in response to the questions in a way that anyone can understand. Please remember that this is a Capstone, and has a degree of difficulty/ambiguity higher than the previous four courses. The aim being to mimic a real life application as close as possible....

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автор: ES

Apr 03, 2018

This course strikes a great balance between giving guidance & giving freedom to the learner to self discover the solutions. The case study is also interesting!

автор: JI

Oct 16, 2018

great course, great instructor. The entire series was very beneficial.

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автор: Nazmus Sakib Sumon

Feb 20, 2019

Professor Sharod is great. I learned a lot from this course

автор: James P. Warburton

Feb 17, 2019

If your using a Mac, like many do... you will be frustrated, the amount of work around is significant. Not worth the trouble.

автор: Ponciano Rincón

Jan 22, 2019

Great opportunity to put in practice what was learned throughout the courses. Thanks!!

автор: Muhammad Zohaib Mughal

Dec 10, 2018


автор: John David Inmon

Oct 16, 2018

great course, great instructor. The entire series was very beneficial.

автор: Sofia Longart

Aug 30, 2018

The Capstone project gets ready to think in real-world scenarios and how you have to think and approach the data that you have to process it then transform it into the desired results. I was a bit nervous at the beginning but then I could get confident and could do all the assignments thanks to Capstone that help me think as a real Data Analyst that I feel I am from now on.

автор: Kim K

Aug 08, 2018

Rigorous and rewarding when you put the work in.

автор: jorge lopez

Jul 10, 2018

Good course. Excellent Instructor. thanks

автор: Colin Paterson

Jun 22, 2018

Good summary of the prior 4 courses with an emphasis on linear regression models. I learned how to leverage excel for descriptive and predictive data analysis. Thanks!

автор: Marcos Piérola

Jun 20, 2018

Fun and challenging, I really appreciated having the chance to have a guided practice with real world data.