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Астробиология и поиски внеземной жизни, Эдинбургский университет

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Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth....

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автор: EL

Oct 12, 2015

Very interesting and engaging course. There are longer and more in-depth courses if you want them but if you want a concise overview of astrobiology on your own time, then this course is perfect!

автор: AH

Jan 18, 2016

Great course, Charles does a great job teaching the course! opens up the possibilities of the origins of life and other possible life in our solar system and universe. thanks to Coursera.

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автор: Kamille Morales Lebrón

Feb 13, 2019

This course summarizes the study of astrobiology in very direct and clear lectures. Every topic relevant to the study is mentioned, including many historic events and discoveries. As someone who has been interested in astrobiology and has been exposed to this new field of study by collaborating in outreach with astrobiologists like Dr. Abel Mendez in Puerto Rico, this course provides a brief compendium and an open invitation to get involved. I look forward to more ways of learning astrobiology online.

автор: Gaeun Kim

Feb 08, 2019

Excellent course for learning basic concepts of Astrobiology. It covers various topics including microbiology, history, and social implications of finding extraterrestrial intelligence.

автор: Caryann Schoenfeld

Feb 04, 2019

Great course.

автор: Christos Gkikas

Jan 22, 2019

Quizes are easy if you have some knowledge about SETI. Some videos are extremely interesting and mind-broadening! The rest will cause you at least to start wondering...

автор: Carlos Andreé Bran Gaytán

Jan 07, 2019

Realmente es un curso que te introduce perfectamente en la cultura científico y en lo personal me ha motivado a continuar en el mundo de la Astrobiología para entender de una mejor manera nuestro universo.

автор: Michael Heeney

Jan 06, 2019

Very interesting!!! Thank you professor :)

автор: Efstathiou George

Jan 03, 2019

Very interesting and informative course, the instructor is actually really engaging. However, after week 3 it seems that the instructor just wanted to get it over with, having videos of 6-8 minutes covering topics that astrophysicists would need twice the time to comprehend (like the methods of searching for exoplanets). And the fact that after a 15-20 minute collection of videos you need to take a quiz of 20 questions, means that the instructor actually spent less than a minute explaining each one of these questions. Overall, it was a great course, which I totally recommend to anyone who is interested in learning a few basics in astrobiology, however, in my opinion, for those of us who have zero to limited knowledge of astrobiology, this introduction to astrobiology should have been a little more detailed, with longer videos explaining all these interesting topics with greater detail.

автор: Melih Mustafa Ceylan

Jan 02, 2019

Thanks for this awesome course.

автор: Anurup Mohanty

Dec 30, 2018

Best ever

автор: Fred Passman

Dec 28, 2018

I understand that this course was created some years ago and is now dated. It was somewhat distracting that the lecturer used a handheld electronic notepad as his teleprompter. Still the course covered quite a bit of interesting infromation.