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Algorithms on Graphs, Калифорнийский университет в Сан-Диего

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If you have ever used a navigation service to find optimal route and estimate time to destination, you've used algorithms on graphs. Graphs arise in various real-world situations as there are road networks, computer networks and, most recently, social networks! If you're looking for the fastest time to get to work, cheapest way to connect set of computers into a network or efficient algorithm to automatically find communities and opinion leaders in Facebook, you're going to work with graphs and algorithms on graphs. In this course, you will first learn what a graph is and what are some of the most important properties. Then you'll learn several ways to traverse graphs and how you can do useful things while traversing the graph in some order. We will then talk about shortest paths algorithms — from the basic ones to those which open door for 1000000 times faster algorithms used in Google Maps and other navigational services. You will use these algorithms if you choose to work on our Fast Shortest Routes industrial capstone project. We will finish with minimum spanning trees which are used to plan road, telephone and computer networks and also find applications in clustering and approximate algorithms....

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автор: SK

Apr 24, 2018

This course is very much helpful for the graph beginners. As a suggestion, i would like to say that add some extra contents on the data structures which is to be used in the algorithm.

автор: EM

Sep 23, 2017

Great!\n\nHard concepts explained clearly and in depth, in the same fashion as the previous two courses (Algo Toolbox and Data Structure).\n\nGood job!

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Feb 09, 2019

thanks for providing the amazing courses

автор: Попов Максим Павлович

Jan 28, 2019

Optional part is very good, gives a lot of practical problems to solve.

автор: Muhammad Umer Gurchani

Jan 26, 2019

Most fun course in the series

автор: Shubhra Aich

Jan 24, 2019

One of the best courses I have ever taken !

автор: Maksadbek Akhmedov

Jan 19, 2019

Course instructors did not reply my questions on a discussion forum! I did not have any help from them, they are very passive.

автор: Torgashov Nikita

Jan 14, 2019

Awesome course!

автор: Abhishek Kumar

Dec 30, 2018

Excellent Introduction to Graphs.

автор: Alexander Riley

Dec 17, 2018

another great course

автор: Ankit Rajput

Dec 16, 2018

best course on graphs


Dec 13, 2018

very enjoyable course.