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Divide and Conquer, Sorting and Searching, and Randomized Algorithms, Stanford University

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The primary topics in this part of the specialization are: asymptotic ("Big-oh") notation, sorting and searching, divide and conquer (master method, integer and matrix multiplication, closest pair), and randomized algorithms (QuickSort, contraction algorithm for min cuts)....

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автор: KS

Sep 14, 2018

Well researched. Topics covered well, with walkthrough for exam.le cases for each new introduced algorithm. Great experience, learned a lot of important algorithms and algorithmic thinking practices.

автор: FR

Mar 16, 2017

Very good course in algorithms. I bought the book to help me understand but the lectures make it way easier and thus much more fun to understand the analysis. Looking forward to complete the spec

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автор: Troy Do

Dec 07, 2018

Good Introduction with Intuitive Explanation

автор: Jon Scouten

Dec 05, 2018

Great problems, level is perfect for formalizing Do-It-Yourself programming knowledge

автор: Kiran Potnuru

Dec 05, 2018

Very helpful course!

автор: Ehsan Fathi

Dec 04, 2018

This course was a real one. The only feeling I had afterwards was that I wish I could meet him in person. He is just awesome.

автор: Saurabh Kumar

Nov 29, 2018

A great experience, always demanding full attention.

автор: Zhang Yu

Nov 28, 2018

Great course!!!! Clear and logical!

автор: Arthur Ouyang

Nov 28, 2018

Fantastic Course!!! I enjoyed it so much!!!!

автор: Edgar Rafael Hermoso Pérez

Nov 26, 2018

El curso es realmente agradable y permite obtener conocimientos para la optimización de algoritmos, altamente recomendado para aquellos que ya tienen una base ya formada. Parecería apropiado adaptar un curso similar para profesionales capacitados en otras carreras pero con interés en los algoritmos.

автор: Anton Berezin

Nov 19, 2018

Handwriting is difficult to understand sometimes but the content is awesome.

автор: Yifeng Luo

Nov 18, 2018

Learn a lot in this course! Really good for beginners.