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Divide and Conquer, Sorting and Searching, and Randomized Algorithms, Стэнфордский университет

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The primary topics in this part of the specialization are: asymptotic ("Big-oh") notation, sorting and searching, divide and conquer (master method, integer and matrix multiplication, closest pair), and randomized algorithms (QuickSort, contraction algorithm for min cuts)....

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автор: KS

Sep 14, 2018

Well researched. Topics covered well, with walkthrough for exam.le cases for each new introduced algorithm. Great experience, learned a lot of important algorithms and algorithmic thinking practices.

автор: CV

Jun 11, 2017

A really exciting and challenging course. Loved the way the instructor explained everything with so much detail and precision. Definitely looking forward to the next course in the specialization.

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автор: Murad Tovmasyan

Feb 14, 2019

great lectures, helps to develop algorithmic thinking

автор: Xie Ruochen

Feb 11, 2019

автор: Thomas Nguyen

Feb 09, 2019

After spending a lot of time on this specialisation, you will receive a certificate upon completion which says "SOME ONLINE COURSES MAY DRAW ON MATERIAL FROM COURSES TAUGHT ON-CAMPUS BUT THEY ARE NOT EQUIVALENT TO ON-CAMPUS COURSES. THIS STATEMENT DOES NOT AFFIRM THAT THIS PARTICIPANT WAS ENROLLED AS A STUDENT AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY IN ANY WAY. IT DOES NOT CONFER A STANFORD UNIVERSITY GRADE, COURSE CREDIT OR DEGREE, AND IT DOES NOT VERIFY THE IDENTITY OF THE PARTICIPANT." Essentially, your completion certificate is a worthless paper regardless of your efforts. I think if the instructor wants to issue an online certificate, just say "Online course" and that is enough. I really felt being let down after all my efforts to listen and finish all homeworks.

автор: Bryan Zhao

Feb 08, 2019

Great course. Love the clear instruction and lecture videos.

автор: Syed Shahid Basha

Feb 07, 2019


автор: clayton wong

Feb 03, 2019


автор: 张致远

Feb 02, 2019


автор: Wei Yue

Jan 30, 2019

Optional videos are thought-provoking.

автор: James Harkin

Jan 29, 2019

Loved this course. Really well explained and good pace.

автор: amosnier

Jan 29, 2019

I do programming for a living, but I am going though this specialization to refresh my memory and competence in algorithms, as a base for other more advanced courses. Following Tim's lectures is very stimulating. I enjoyed it a lot!