Автор:   Мельбурнский университет

  • Rob Moodie

    Преподаватели:    Rob Moodie, Co-Chair Hallmark Ageing Research Initiative

    Melbourne School of Population Health

  • Simon Biggs

    Преподаватели:    Simon Biggs, Professor of Gerontology & Social Policy

    School of Social & Political Sciences

  • Rebecca Kippen

    Преподаватели:    Rebecca Kippen, Senior Research Fellow

    Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

  • Louisa Remedios

    Преподаватели:    Louisa Remedios, Director of Teaching and Learning

    School of Health Science

  • Debra Virtue

    Преподаватели:    Debra Virtue, Lecturer

    Melbourne School of Health Sciences

  • Eleanor Curran

    Преподаватели:    Eleanor Curran, Consultant Psychiatrist

    Public Mental Health Service

  • Fernando Sanchez

    Преподаватели:    Fernando Sanchez, Chair of Health Informatics

    The University of Melbourne

  • Alan Pert

    Преподаватели:    Alan Pert, Director

    Melbourne School of Design

  • Clare Newton

    Преподаватели:    Clare Newton, Associate Professor

    Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

  • Jack Barton

    Преподаватели:    Jack Barton, Urban Data and eResearch Facilitator

    Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN)

  • Ian McDonald

    Преподаватели:    Ian McDonald, Emeritus Professor

    Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Briony Dow

    Преподаватели:    Briony Dow

    National Ageing Research Institute

  • Dominique Martin

    Преподаватели:    Dominique Martin, Lecturer

    School of Population and Global Health

  • Tara Sklar

    Преподаватели:    Tara Sklar, MOOC Project Coordinator; Co-Director of Ageing Programs; Research Fellow in Health Law

    Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
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Мельбурнский университет
The University of Melbourne is an internationally recognised research intensive University with a strong tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and community engagement. Established in 1853, it is Australia's second oldest University.
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Good info, lots to think about

Very interesting course about the aging process and how living in different areas can really affect your longevity and your health in your senior years. It was enjoyable to read papers from other students on how their lives are now and what they are planning in the future.

This is an interesting topic which I have never really given a thought before. Eye-opening and really make you think

It is a wonderful COURSE