Shian Cheng 程 士安









About Prof. Cheng Shian

Professor Cheng Shian has been a faculty member of School of Journalism at Fudan University since her graduation from the school in 1982.

Currently she serves as Dean of Advertising Department, School of Journalism at Fudan. Professor Cheng also serves as a member of Fudan Steering Committee of Teaching, a member of Fudan Faculty Development Committee, a member of School Council, Chair of School Steering Committee of Teaching, and Vice Chair of School Academic Degree Committee.

Professor Cheng Shian has participated in and hosted projects from the National Social Science Fund, a key project from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and commissioned research projects from Ministry of Education, Shanghai Social Science Fund, international and domestic research institutions as well as enterprises. She has published dozens of research papers and monographs in domestic and international academic journals.

Prof. Cheng Shian has received the National Distinguished Teacher Award from the Baosteel Group Corporation. In addition, she has been the recipient of Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award and a number of teaching awards from the university. With her guidance, her students have won the first prize, the second prize and “the most innovative” award from international marketing competitions in China.

Prof. Cheng Shian focuses on the study of the influence that the digital technology development has exerted on the patterns of communication, dissemination principle, marketing evolution, consumer aggregation and advertising as well as the power of marketing communication in the age of media convergence.