<p>Ib Bondebjerg is professor, PhD in film and media studies, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen. He has a background in Scandinavian Studies but has since 1988 done research and taught courses on Danish, Scandinavian and European film and television, both in Denmark and internationally.</p> <p>He was the chairman of The <i>Danish Film Institute</i> (1997-2000) and <i>Center for Modern European Studies</i> (2008-2011), and he is editor in chief of Palgrave Macmillan’s book series <i>Palgrave European Film and Media Studies</i> (2013-). He has published numerous articles and books on film and television, including <i>Television in Scandinavia</i> (ed. 1996), <i>Moving Images, Culture and the Mind</i> (ed. 2000), <i>The Danish Directors. Dialogues on a Contemporary National Cinema</i> (co-ed., 2001), <i>The Danish Directors. III. Dialogues on a New Documentary Cinema </i>(co-ed, 2013) and <i>Engaging with Reality. Documentary and Globalization</i> (2013).</p>