<p>吴宁教授简介</p> <p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 硕士生导师。“大学计算机”课程负责人及“微机原理与接口技术”课程主讲教师。主持“大学计算机”课程日常管理、课程教学改革研究及精品资源共享课程建设等工作。</p> <p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;主要研究方向为文本挖掘与智能网络学习环境,先后主持国家、省、市及横向合作等多项科研项目,主持和参与多项陕西省及学校教改研究项目。近年来,在各类核心期刊或国际会议上发表教学与科研论文10余篇,授权国家发明专利2项,并获得国家和陕西省教学成果奖,以及“王宽诚育才奖”等多项校教学优秀奖。</p>Prof. Wu Ning is the course sponsor of "Computer" and the lead lecturer of "Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology". She is in charge of the daily management, research on the teaching reform and quality curriculum construction of resource sharing of the course "Computer". <br> <p> Prof. Wu Ning focuses on the study of the <span>text mining and intelligent network learning environment. She has presided over a number of research projects of national, provincial, municipal as well as enterprises significance, and hosted and participated in a number of Shaanxi province and University reform research projects. In recent years, She has published more than 10 papers on various types of core journals or international conference on teaching and research&nbsp; and has been authorized two national invention patents, and has received the national and Shaanxi province teaching award, and "KC Wong Educating Awards" and a number of University teaching excellence awards.</span><br></p>








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