a. Professional preparation June 1980: Diploma “cum maxima laude” in structural and applied linguistics, Moscow State University April 1988: Ph. D. (kandidat nauk) in general linguistics (“Interrogative elements in a human machine dialogue”), Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Summer 1991: International Summer school on computational linguistics (Charles University, Prague) October 2000: Doctoral dissertation (doktor nauk) in general linguistics (“Cognitive analysis of concrete nouns: semantics and combinability”), Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow b. Appointments 1980 2007: Russian Academy of Sciences/Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI, Moscow), Department of Theoretical problems of Informatics, Group of the Logical Analysis of Natural Language. 2007-present: Russian Academy of Sciences / Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language (Moscow) 2011-present: National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2011- 2015: Philological faculty 2015 – present: Faculty of the Humanities, School of Linguistics Positions 1980-1986: senior laboratory assistant 1987-1990: junior scientific researcher 1991-2000: scientific researcher 2000-2001: senior scientific researcher 2002-2007: head of the Linguistic Department (VINITI) 2007-present leading scientific researcher (IRL RAS) 2011-2015 head of the Linguistic Department (Philologycal faculty, HSE) 2015 – present head of the School of Linguistics (faculty of the Humanities, HSE)