Erik Offerman

Dr. ir.


I study the relationships between the thermo-mechanical processing, thermodynamics, kinetics, and microstructure of metals. My scientific work is developing in the direction of the design and engineering of nano- and micro-structures of metals to make metals and/or processes more sustainable. My scientific career developed via personal grants from the Dutch government for talented young researchers (veni- and vidi-grants).

My research portfolio consists of both fundamental and applied metals research. I have led a joint research project between TU Delft and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Grenoble, France) for 4-years. In this project we have studied the fundamental aspects of the evolution of the microstructure during processing of metals by using synchrotron radiation. I have worked with a number of metals industries: SKF, Tata Steel, Nedschroef, Ovako Wire BV (formerly Nedstaal), and Arcellor Mittal. I have also worked with manufactures of x-ray systems: Bruker, Panalytical, Philips Healthcare, and the photon production laboratory (Japan).

I have been the chairman of the international conference on ‘Materials in a resource-constrained world’ (2013), which is financially and organizationally supported by the EU via COST (cooperation in science and technology). I have PhD- and MSc-degrees in materials science.