Dr Liz Grant

Assistant Principal Global Health


<p><span>Hi,&nbsp; I am an Assistant Principal for Global Health and Director of the Global Health Academy at the University of Edinburgh. I am involved in a number of inter-disciplinary online training programmes, eg the Masters in Family Medicine run with CMC Vellore, India and ICMDA,&nbsp; the MSc Global Health Non Communicable Diseases and the Certificate in &nbsp;Global Health Challenges.</span></p> <p><span>I am passionate about equitable access to healthcare, especially for those who get left behind by society.&nbsp; Much of my work is in integrating palliative care services into health systems in African and Asian countries, and in increasing healthcare provision at primary care level.&nbsp;&nbsp; I have worked in Government services in international development,&nbsp;in Kenya as a Community Health Advisor, and for the MRC as a Research Fellow in&nbsp;the Department of Psychiatry. </span></p>


Mental Health: A Global Priority

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