Professor King L. Chow earned his PhD degree in Cell Biology from Baylor Coll. of Med. He was a Belfer Fellow of Molecular Genetics at Albert Einstein Coll. of Med. before joining HKUST more than 20 years ago. At HKUST, he oversaw the development of the Common Core Program, served as Directors of a number of UG and PG programs. He holds the position of the Director of Interdisciplinary Programs Office overseeing the establishment and operation of a number of interdisciplinary programs that cut across all schools. He heads the Center for the Development of Gifted and Talented promoting gifted and STEM education. His own research focuses on molecular genetics of neural development, synthetic and evolutionary biology, exploring animal form, shape and communication. He actively engages in various teaching programs spanning liberal arts, practicum art, life science and interdisciplinary studies. He has taught subjects of his own expertise areas, as well as subjects at the juncture between science, engineering, social science and humanity in different formats, from traditional lectures, group work, exploratory-project-based courses, MOOC to extensive flipped classes at all levels, earning him the School of Science Teaching Award, the Michael G. Gale Medal of distinguished teaching at HKUST. In his lectures, he always provokes students to see information and issues with different perspective, shaking up mythical misunderstanding and help students to reflect on their own value and position, integrating both biotic and abiotic considerations. Understanding oneself is always one of his key objectives in his educational endeavors.