A/Prof. Joanne Travaglia

Director of Health Management


Dr Joanne Travaglia is a health sociologist with 30 years of experience as a practitioner, manager, researcher and educator in the field of healthcare. Her research addresses various aspects of health services management and leadership, with a particular focus on the impact of patient and clinician vulnerability and diversity on the safety and quality of care. <br> <br> Drawing on critical theory perspectives from sociology and philosophy, she has or is currently working on a range of projects including: population level risks of error for vulnerable groups; critical perspectives on leadership and management in healthcare; the social construction of clinical guidelines; the social, organisational and professional factors influencing the implementation of safety and quality improvement strategies; approaches to, and the engagement of, consumers in healthcare; the influence and effects of patient safety inquiries; knowledge management and construction in the health services; clinical implications of differences in professional epistemologies; and the role and impact of epistemic injustices on patients and staff.