Dr. Darrell Velegol

Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering


<span>Dr. Darrell Velegol, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at Penn State, is an award-winning teacher and researcher. Dr. Velegol earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1997 from Carnegie Mellon.&nbsp; As a researcher, he has worked with his students to published more than 70 papers in the field of colloid science, especially with regard to interparticle forces, colloidal assembly, electrokinetic phenomena, and colloidal motors.<br><br>As an educator, Professor Velegol believes that when young scholars are pursuing fields they are passionate about, they have the capacity for greatness.&nbsp; He has written about a transformative system of education in his book, "Wild Scholars" (2011).&nbsp; In addition, he has been educating about and developing a field called “Physics of Community”, in which he uses the principles of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Ecology to explain and model human decision making.<br><br>For almost 14 years, Dr. Velegol has shared his <a href="">CENTER practices</a>&nbsp;with 1000s of students. In each young person he works with, he sees the capacity for greatness.</span> <br>


Creativity, Innovation, and Change


Creativity, Innovation, and Change | 创意,创新, 与 变革