Поддержка и операции

На курсах и специализациях по поддержке и операциям изучаются услуги, предоставляемые ИТ-командами. Изучите такие навыки, как управление проектами гибкой разработки, техническая поддержка и работа с информационными системами, которые помогут вам начать карьеру в ИТ.

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  • Support and Operations is a broad term encompassing all the services provided by an organization’s information technology (IT) team. This includes the management of hardware devices, software applications, and network administration, as well as the provision of troubleshooting and help desk assistance for both internal and customer-facing IT operations.

    Because Support and Operations covers such a broad swath of IT services, this field is constantly evolving in response to emerging technologies and applications. For example, IT operations experts today are increasingly focused on issues concerning cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) - two technologies that essentially did not exist a decade ago! Regardless of the IT technologies in question, Support and Operations teams aim to promote service consistency, quality, and reliability.