Теория вероятности и статистика

На курсах по теории вероятности и статистике вы научитесь оценивать значимость данных, в частности освоите навыки оптимизации, заключения, проверки и других методов анализа трендов данных и их использования для прогнозирования, понимания и улучшения результатов.

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  • Probability is the study of the likelihood an event will happen, and statistics is the analysis of large datasets, usually with the goal of either usefully describing this data or inferring conclusions about a larger dataset based on a representative sample. These two branches of mathematics can be considered two sides of a coin: statistics help you to understand the past, and probability helps you use that knowledge to predict the future!

    Statistics and probability are essential tools for data science. These skills enable you to determine whether your data collection methods are sound, derive relevant insights from massive datasets, build analytic models that produce usable results, and much more. Important concepts and skills in the data science context include sampling distributions, statistical significance, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.